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The Eclectic Pen - My Testimony

By: Maurice W. (res)   + 3 more  
Date Submitted: 4/16/2009
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs » General
Words: 353

  My testimony by Maurice D.Williams

I recently read “The Secret”it intrigued me!.if you are into positive-thinking then this book’s for you.I’d gone through another moment of despair,I guess you can call it that failed marriage,”no-regrets” I tried as a husband.Recently recovering from emergency appendix surgery and returning back to work then my part-time job.Where I was dealing with negative-people(negative energy).Needless to say this book gave me a” pick me up”.Though I feel I was making changes in my life!before this sixth near-death incident I’d experienced.More on it later.I guess in gods eyes and the universe it wasn’t quick enough.Which ever you acknowledge.Well the zen like teachings center on”channeling”positivity/visualization on what you want your life to be!.To most people the adage of “karma”what you put out,you get back to you tenfold!.

As I read the small book,big information that was compact.I started tweeking more positiveness,affirmations in my life instead of heightening my stress-levels.Once I reevaluated them they weren’t worth the energy afforded them to have over me!.I saw change for a month(peace).I no longer surrounded my self with gossipy/negative people.You must become leary of the company you keep!.However a person is positively receptive and influenced to make changes, to benefit their life to me is the point!.Whether it’s their finances,self-improvement,relations is what I got from it.

Oh,that sixth near death experience I spoke of earlier.I nearly died November 7,07.If I hadn’t listen to that “whisper” from god,you hear people speak of when near-death.Well he plus my friend”trice”told me to check myself into the hospital-immediately.She’d told me to over the weekend if it persist,which it did.That Tuesday afternoon I had hot-flashes coming out of no-where prior to me trying to clock into work.As I left my job slumping over “barely holding myself up”to catch the bus ‘bout to pass-out,”collapse”,die.But god said”no”just to hang in”and I’d get there!.I did after “everything”the doctor informed me had it’d been any later,I’ve passed-on,thank god”,I’m here to tell you all about it.Though thinking positive’s hard in life.When I re-connected to god/the universe made it truly”worth while”.I combine both the teachings of the bible and the secret,to cope with life.

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