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The Eclectic Pen - Three Stones makes a Hero

By: Elsie V. (Pookierae)  
Date Submitted: 11/22/2009
Genre: Children's Books » Ages 9-12
Words: 1,272

  Beep, beep!! “Wake up Jennet, were going to be late for school” I yelled. Jennet and Alex groaned. We ran down the stairs so we wouldn’t be late for school.
“Hurry up Alex there’s no time to eat!” I said. “But I am hungry,” Alex said as she rushed out the door.
The bus driver honked her horn! We ran and got on the bus. “Woooow!!!” Everyone on the bus yelled. The bus was stuck in a ditch, but everyone was able to get out.
Jennet asked Alex and I, “Are you coming?” I replied, “Everyone’s going that”- “It’s a short cut. Just follow me.” Jennet replied. So we followed. “Are we going in the woods?” Alex asked. “Yah, but only for a little bit.” Jennet replied. “This doesn’t look like the woods” I said.
Wow. It’s, it’s, it’s
There are parrots with blue, green, orange, yellow and, red feathers. The trees are so tall and at the top all different colors like purple, red, golden yellow, orange, green, and bunch of vines. A big beautiful waterfall that is sky blue. There are a bush of daffodils, mums, petunia’s, and a bunch of different colors.
As we were walking, we saw a little bunny. She said, “Hello my name is Marshmallow and I need your help.” Then a parrot flew by, and said, “My name is Polly and this is my friend Bambi. He is a Fawn.”
“As I was saying.” Marshmallow said. “We need your help. The Evil Wizards and Witches are trying to destroy the land, and make it into an evil place where Evil Wizards and Witches make plans to take over the world. The only reason they brought you here is to turn you evil.” “How can we help?” we all asked.
“Well, all we need to do is go through the Ice Lands and cut through the Sea of Dolphins. Then you have reached the waterfall. We have to get to the other side of the waterfall and get the stone of Water.
Then go to the Cave of Paintings, find the Mountain of Rock, and dig to the center. You will then find the stone of rock.
“We need to get one more stone.” said Polly. “What?” asked Alex. “The stone of Strength and Force, and together all the stones will give you the power to destroy the Evil Wizards and Witches of the west.” replied Marshmallow.
“This is the hardest stone to get out of all the stones. Trust me I know. My mother, well my mother tried to destroy the Evil Wizards and Witches and well, she, she, she died.” Bambi said. “I’m so sorry Bambi.” Jennet said.
“So how do we get the last stone?” Alex asked. “Well, go through the land of Nightly Ever After. Then you will reach the Great Wolf, and he will take you the rest of the way. We can only go so far with you. It is too dangerous for us to go farther. The Great Wolf will take you along the way. He is the strongest of us all.” Polly said.
“We will meet you at the castle, if you make it, we believe in you.” Marshmallow said.
“Well, we’ll start in the morning” I said. “Only if we can find our way out.” Alex said. “Follow me.” Polly said. We got home safely and was off to sleep.
The next morning we found the forest. “Okay, everyone ready?” I asked. We headed off.
“Were getting close to the Ice Lands!” Polly said as she soared through the sky looking ahead.
Soon we reached the Ice lands. It was very slippery and super cold! “Do we have to walk across the ice or can we go around? Jennet asked. It doesn’t take a long time to cross the ice, but to go around now that will take a while.” said Marshmallow. “Well, okay.” Jennet agreed. “Just take one step at a time, and walk very slowly.” Marshmallow said. “Thanks” Jennet said.
“Yes!! We made across the ice.” I said. “How do we get to the Sea of Dolphins?” Alex asked Polly. “Walk straight until I tell you otherwise.” Polly said. We had finally made it to the Sea of Dolphins. “Okay, now find a dolphin and take it across the sea. I will meet you at the other side.” Polly said.
“Yah!!! We made it.” Everyone yelled.
“There’s the waterfall, it’s over there, and it’s beautiful!!!!” Alex said. As we walked, we got even closer and closer to the waterfall.
“Okay, now where do we go from here?” I asked Polly. “Well, I will get the stone. Its okay, I can up there and get the stone, but I have to be quick. Right when I get back all three of you has to hold the stone together, and for that reason the magic will spread upon you.” Polly told us. Polly then took off for the stone. As she returned she was coming straight for us. We all grabbed the stone, and before we knew it, we had received the power from the stone.
Now we were off for the Stone of Rock. We found the Cave of Painting’s and was off. “Now follow me and we will get there soon” Polly said.
“We finally made it!!!” I said. “Now go to the back of the cave and you will find the Artisc Mountain.” Polly said. As we climbed up we had to dig to the center of the mountain. We had finally found the stone of rock. We again all touched the stone and received the power.
“Now, we will take you to the great wolf and he will lead you through the rest of the way.” said Bambi.
As we were walking we saw a beautiful family of butterflies. They had purple wings that looked like a backwards P. Their tails swooped into a swirly. Their antennas were lime green and baby blue striped. “They were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Jennet said.
We had finally reached the Great Wolf. He told us that we had to go through Nightly Ever After. Then go through Tangled Woods and find the stone of Force and Strength.
Once we started we found Nightly Ever After. It was so dark in there. As soon as we got out of there and got into Tangled Woods we almost got eaten alive by a huge spider that we apparently gotten stuck in it’s web. It was a long walk considering that the Great Wolf doesn’t talk at all.
We had found the last stone and for the third time we all put our hands on the stone and all received powers.
After that we headed off for the castle. We were all very nervous.
As we got to the castle we had saw that the Evil Wizards and Witches of the West had trapped Marshmallow, Polly, and Bambi.
We knew that it was in our hands to win. They were following us with cameras, so they knew what we were up to. They wanted to fight as if they thought they would win. We accepted. We battled hard.
The big thing we had to do was control the weather. Once one team covered the whole land with sun or rain that team would win the battle. We were sun and they were rain. The animals all said… “On your marks, get set, GO!!!!” It took a while since it kept going back and fourth until we, we, we… WON!!!!!
All the animals were cheering!! We had just defeated the Evil Wizards and Witches of the West. All the evil people were from then on destroyed.

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