Book Reviews of Torment (Fallen, Bk 2)

Torment (Fallen, Bk 2)
Torment - Fallen, Bk 2
Author: Lauren Kate
ISBN-13: 9780385739153
ISBN-10: 038573915X
Publication Date: 6/14/2011
Pages: 464
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 45 ratings
Publisher: Ember
Book Type: Paperback
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This book is such a let down from Fallen. That was excellent and really set up the storyline whereas this one was boring and dragged unbelievably. Luce is forced by Daniel to enroll in new school in California without her parents knowledge. She's back to being a self-absorbed teenager with "poor poor pitiful me" syndrome. Even at page 200 there is no change. A periodic appearance by Daniel only caused fighting and more angst. Torment is right...for the reader! The only action in the entire book was at the very end and that was only to set up the next installment which I will not be reading.
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This book seemed to be a bit more of a filler for another good book coming up. This one talks a little bit about Luce's past lives, but we never really get much out of it. She makes some new friends and has some confusing choice to make, but that's about it. Granted there is some fighting scenes but nothing that stands out until the end. Though this wasn't a bad book, I felt like more could have been cut to make this a bit better.
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The first book was great and the second was better. The whole time I was reading the book I was trying to figure out the plot but it never turned out the way I expected it would. The book kept me on my toes the whole 2 days it took me to read it. I would highly suggest this book to anyone. I cannot wait until this summer when the 3r book comes out!
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Oh my gosh this book was as amazing as the first one if not better! You get to see there relationship evolving and Lucy too. It ended in a 'MUST READ THE NEXT BOOK' kind of way though. Can't wait for June!
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Torment made is extremely difficult for me to like Daniel as a character. The "Love" between Luce and Daniel seems so superficial, mostly because every conversation they have ends in an fight because Daniel refuses to let her in. So of course(SPOILER START), Luce ends up having feelings for someone else, who she actually enjoys talking to. And because of this she is made out to be a total cheat, when in reality there isn't much to like about Daniel besides his pretty wings. She constantly makes comments like "It was wonderful up until the moment he opened his mouth." This does not strike me as a relationship worth fighting for(SPOILER END). I do enjoy the segments of the book that involve Luce and her friends finding out about her past, as well as the concept of angels. However, whenever the Fallen series attempts to make a romantic impact between Daniel and Luce, the story just falls flat.
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I loved the first book, but the second one fell flat if you ask me. Too many new characters that I wasn't that interested in was one flaw if you ask me. The other misstep was that most of the characters from the first book aside from Luce were not in this book much. No Cam, Luce, and Daniel triangle? Instead we get Miles thrown into the mix. Not a big fan of that! This book was full of fluff and I felt it held a lot of repetition. Probably done with this series if there was only one book left I might consider reading it. Since there are several I think I'll pass and move on. Sad that this story left me not really caring where these characters are going or where the'll end up. The journey is over for me.
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This is the second book in Lauren Kate's Fallen series. This book takes up immediately after the last book ends, with Luce and Daniel fleeing from Sword & Cross reform school. Daniel has teemed up with Cam to take on this new threat to Luce, and has let Luce in on close to nothing of his plans. He also takes her to a new school, one where the children of angels and humans, called Nephilim, also attend.

Luce is there without Daniel, however, and that seems to sting a bit. In this book, Luce and Daniel have some problems, which was weird compared to last book. And in truth, I wasn't a fan of the way that there were times, when they have this multiple-lives spanning love, that they use the term "break up" a few times. I'm not sure that that would/could happen. But it seems that it might.

Luce also begins to learn about her past lives in this book through the shadows that we saw in the last book. This was a totally intriguing idea to me, and a totally cool one as well. Able to see past lives just by calling a shadow to you?

In the end, we're left on a cliff hanger, with Daniel and Luce still somewhat fighting, Luce having found out several choice things that Daniel and Cam, as well as the other angels, seem to have neglected to tell her.

All in all, this book was a good continuation to the series, and we see a lot more development of Luce, but we see very little of Daniel at all. The next book promises to be very interesting, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
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This is the second in a five book series and I don't know if I can make it through all five. I struggled with the first one's lack of depth and now with this one it is kinda the same thing. New information is revealed but at a trickle and I have to say it is like water board torture! Luce is still whiny and self absorbed, her and Daniel are fighting and she is attending a new school. Hum, kinda sounds like the first one huh? Not getting all the hype around this series but then I was not a fan of the pitiful writing of Twilight either.
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A couple of days before I finished this book, I had this idea in my head that I was going to write a heartfelt letter to Lucinda Price as my review, because she is just crazy andshe needs some guidance! Fortunately, its as though I did write that letter and Luce read it before the end of the book. Unfortunately, it took until the very last chapter for her to even start coming to her senses.

Luce embodies something I hate in a lot of fiction that covers romance everything in her world is about the guys in her life. She still feels totally drawn to Daniel, only now she knows why. From nearly the first chapter, he tells her hes got to deposit her at Shoreline for her protection while he takes care of some things. Luce takes the opportunity to get mad and immediately starts crushing on Miles, one of the Nephilim guys at her new school.

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Love it.
Luce has to be sent to California to a high school to the privileged and also a class of Nephilim Children, that will hid her from the Others and demons that want to take or kill Luce to tilt Daniel into picking the Hell side to unbalance the scale of Good and Evil. The Angel teachers are a Demon-Stephan and Angel-Francesca,(husband and wife)which teaches about the announcers that Luce has been dealing with all her life and found out about her being about to handle them in Fallen. Time traveling will be the next venture for Luce and her Nephilim friends and angels, so Luce can find out where the curse started from in her souls' history of love with Daniel.