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The Eclectic Pen - The Tranquility of Mirror Lake

By: Larry D. (ministerlarry) - ,   + 3 more  
Date Submitted: 2/5/2011
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Essays & Correspondence
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  The Tranquility of Mirror Lake
By Larry D. Williams

One of my favorite hobbies is to fish and explore beautiful scenarios, to include nature found in Godís creation. Do you just like to get away at times? You can find the peace of serenity in the beauty of Godís scenery and nature. There is such a place that I would like to mention in this essay for you to consider.
Mirror Lake is my favorite place because of its beautiful scenery and nature. The lake has one feature that is absolutely astonishing. The rainbow trout are plentiful and a challenge to any outdoors-man. The streams are crystal clear; the mountains around the lake are enormous with wildlife habitat throughout its lovely surroundings. On a typical day I can see deer, rabbits, and squirrels playing in the wooded areas alongside the lake. I can also observe a few playful otters swimming in the lake. There are other activities, as well as campgrounds that provide all essentials, like hot showers, swimming, and canoeing. At suppertime there is normally a campfire with the scent of fried trout cooking in the skillet. The evening sunset glistens over the lake, and Mirror Lake becomes a giant reflective mirror to view nature and its splendor.
Mirror Lake is located in Stone County just west of the town called Mountain View, Arkansas. The lake is located in the recreation park of Blanchard Springs Caverns. This perhaps explains the plentiful trout dwelling in the waters there, and the beautiful surroundings of nature. Also there are museums located in the park to view the history of these caverns. There are also tours that go down into the caverns that can be explored.
I truly can understand why this place is such a wonderful tourist attraction. Its beauty and nature is one of Godís greatest achievements in all of his wonderful creations. Its peaceful and comfortable setting is a great way to escape from reality, to meditate and enhance our inner peace, and strengthen our mortal souls.
I would encourage anyone that is feeling lonely at heart and spirit, and needs a spiritual awakening this place is a perfect retreat to accomplish this. In viewing this wonderful place, I can feel the essence and the splendor of its nature. The waterfall beside the lake is a perfect place to dwell, and to hear the sound of nature all around its surroundings. The lovely singing of the birds throughout the trees is a beautiful sound to hear, they sound like music playing into the air.
The last visit I made to this beautiful place was during the summer, in the month of July 2001. My friend Joe and I went up there during that time to do some trout fishing. We soon discovered this lovely paradise, and remained two days there. We slept in a two-man tent beneath the bright stars at night. It was the most peaceful sleep we both had in years furthermore, the best vacation we both encountered in years as well. It was a very successful fishing expedition; we brought back home with us thirty-one nice size rainbow trout. Thatís not all the trout we actually caught, counting the ones that we fried in the skillet and ate for supper. That fishing trip greatly enhanced us both in body and spirit, and we will never forget our experiences there as well.
My mind and thoughts will always remain on Mirror Lake throughout the rest of my life, even in my dreams. Discovering that inner serenity and peace, which comes from Mother Nature in the surroundings of Mirror Lake. The wildlife will entice people with its beauty and splendor, especially the playful otters showing off their swimming skills. During a brisk walk along the beautiful scenic trails, I could feel nature up close as I meditated beside the waterfall. I soon discovered natureís lovely way and experienced that inner spirit that dwells in all of us. I came to the solution that Godís creation is here for us all to behold, and its up to each of us whether we want to discover it or not. Mirror Lake was definitely my spiritual awakening; furthermore, through Godís eyes I finally understood his creation.
I plan to return to Mirror Lake one day, to renew my spirit once again. I want to behold its beautiful scenery and feel that loving spirit of Godís creation. Do you need a spiritual awakening of Godís nature to restore your faith? Mirror Lake could be your answer, it was for me. Our heavenly creator has made nature, so mankind can enjoy it and feel the inner peace and essence that comes from it. So many times in our lives, we take the simple gifts that God has given us for granted, and simply ignore them. I am one person that is grateful for his creation of nature, especially for the beautiful scenery of Mirror Lake, for my spirit is united with its tranquility.

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