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Topic: My turn to be frustrated...yet another RWAP

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Subject: My turn to be frustrated...yet another RWAP
Date Posted: 4/24/2009 5:32 PM ET
Member Since: 1/2/2006
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I just received another book I'll need to mark RWAP. This will be the 4th book in 6 weeks.

1st book was really bad. After 2 weeks of PM's I marked it unresolved. 2nd book water damaged, had my credit returned the same day I PMed and the member was nothing but polite. 3rd book I marked RWAP, didn't ask for credit return. It was a large trade and slightly water damaged. Just PMed and explained why I marked it RWAP and that I didn't want a credit return. I never heard fro this member. Now this 4th book had liquid damage on the first 30 pages or so. Looks like maybe someone was eating while reading, there is a greasy looking stain that bled through the first few pages. The liquid damage looks like maybe wet thumbprint that again went through the 1st 30 pages so the pages are all crinkled. This book was for my keeper shelf so I will be asking for my credit back. I'm just so frustrated that I have yet again to mark a book RWAP and write a PM asking for credit. I'm just hoping it's a pleasant transaction that I will be able to mark as resolved.

On top of all that. I had 2 books in a weeks time go lost and another that I'm getting the, "Have you received book?" e-mail. Ugh.

I've read so many post where members can't believe how many RWAP they are getting. I keep thinking, gee I'm so lucky. I may get a problem here and there but I've never had a string of bad books or lost books. I guess it's just my turn to have the bad streak.

That being said, I love PBS. I get so many more books that are in like new condition and sometimes look unread then I do RWAP. I just needed to vent.


Date Posted: 4/24/2009 5:38 PM ET
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HOLD that LINE!!  Hang in there and mark those RWAP's  !!  It's easier to clean up a mess before lots of those get into the system.  It may be new members who don't know or other members who didn't catch the problem or someone who didn't care and hoped it would sneak through (I've caught some after when I started reading them - it makes me much more careful in checking!).  Tiresome as it is - keep calling them on it.  The only way to keep the quality high.


Date Posted: 4/24/2009 7:40 PM ET
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Right there with you.  Over the last few months I've had several go lost in the mail (to me), received the wrong book (correct title, wrong author), received a book with loose pages (unpostable in my opinion), two books mailed (postmarked) weeks AFTER the members marked them mailed, and now I'm waiting for one to be marked received that USPS tells me was delivered days ago.

I've been a PBS member for over a year and haven't had a single problem up until all of this nonsense started.  It's like 2009 is a jinx for me with books!

Date Posted: 4/24/2009 11:36 PM ET
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Well the 4th RWAP is now resolved with a credit return. She was adamant it wasn't her but the PO. I feel bad but dang it I don't want to lose another credit to an unpostable book. Just glad it's over and she was nice to deal with.

Date Posted: 4/25/2009 12:10 AM ET
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I had this happen to me too. I have developed a sort of "form letter" now that I use for RWAPs. I still get some anxiety, but it helps to just be able to fill in the specific info and send it off.
Date Posted: 4/25/2009 12:20 AM ET
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I feel your pain.  After a run of five water-damaged books in January and February, I was having good luck until a book I received earlier in the week.  I marked it RWAP and sent an e-mail explaining the problem.  The person responded saying she was baffled and asked if perhaps the damage had happened en route.  Not so much.  I responded and repeated my request for return of my credit.  That was on Wednesday and I have had no reply.

Exceedingly frustrating!

Subject: Will you share?
Date Posted: 4/30/2009 2:14 PM ET
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Will you share your form letter with us?  Newbies (and those of us who aren't as good with words) would appreciate a template, especially when we are disappointed/ p---ed off about the condition of a desired book.

Date Posted: 4/30/2009 2:27 PM ET
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I feel your pain.  I have received more RWAP books in the last 6 months than I had in the previous year and a half of being a member here.  I don't know what is going on, but all we can do is keep marking them RWAP so that hopefully people will get educated about the posting guidelines.  I always ask for a credit return- if you don't, it's like donating a credit to someone who didn't follow the rules, because you can't repost that book.  (Not that I have anything against donating credits to others.)

I also have a pretty standard PM that I send for RWAPs- here is mine: "Thank you for sending X book.  I am so sorry to have to mark it RWAP, but (fill in the blank with a description of the problem).  Unfortunately, this means that the book does not meet PBS posting guidelines, and I will not be able to repost the book, so I would appreciate a refund of my credit.  I would be happy to send the book back to you if you would like to cover postage with an additional credit- just let me know if you would like to do that.  I will be sure to promptly mark the problem transaction as resolved in the PBS system upon the return of my original credit.  Thanks for understanding, and please PM me if you have any questions."  I have been very lucky and have always received my credit back, and have had only one snarky response back.  It is still nerve-wracking though- every RWAP I get, I wonder if I'm going to get one of those rude, unreasonable people who refuse to take responsibility.

Date Posted: 4/30/2009 3:11 PM ET
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Leslie, Yes, it is aggravating and frustrating.  RWAPs seem to come in waves.  You won't get any for awhile then suddenly you are getting two or three per week.  But you must persevere by replying RWAP.  It is the only way to help rid the system of those senders who violate the PBS condition standards.

Amy B, LesleyH has posted a good sample letter which is very similar to the one I send.  Check the Help Documents.  They provide suggestions on how to word your complaint.  That's what I used for ideas about wording and what to say.   Hang in there, and don't give up!

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Date Posted: 4/30/2009 3:41 PM ET
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LeslieH, my letter is close to yours. I'm going to update mine to add something from yours. I just hope I don't have to use it!

On a good note. I got 3 books so far this week. All excellent copies. 2 look brand new! Most of my trades are excellent.  It's just frustrating when you have so many RWAP in such a short time period.

Date Posted: 4/30/2009 3:52 PM ET
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Yeah, I kept a copy of LeslieH's polite letter too.  I've never had any RWAP problems (sent or received) so I guess I'm due.

Date Posted: 4/30/2009 6:05 PM ET
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Sorry I just saw this again, mine says pretty much what Lesley H's says. The only thing I add is a note about how the pacakage was intact/ undamaged (if this is indeed the case) so the damage does not appear to have happened in the mail. This usually keeps people from trying to blame it on the post office.