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Book Reviews of Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2)

Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2)
Twice Tempted - Night Prince, Bk 2
Author: Jeaniene Frost
ISBN-13: 9780062076106
ISBN-10: 0062076108
Publication Date: 3/26/2013
Pages: 384
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 110 ratings
Publisher: Avon
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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ophelia99 avatar reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 2527 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is the second book in the Night Prince series featuring Vlad and Leila. This book picks up pretty much right after where the first book, Once Burned, left off. This is a planned trilogy with the third book as yet being untitled. I liked this book the same amount as the first one. I loved reading about Vlad but found that the plot wasnt all that solid.

I listened to this on audiobook, the audiobook is very well done. The narrator, Tavia Gilbert, is the same narrator that has done all the Night Huntress audiobooks as well. She does an excellent job conveying character emotion and distinguishing between character voices. I highly recommend listening to any of the Night Price or Night Huntress books on audiobook.

Leilas psychic abilities are failing her and Vlad is more distant than ever. When Vlad declares that he can never love her, she decides to cut her losses and leave him. Unfortunately for her as soon as she leaves him someone tries to kill her. The news of this sends Vlad into a furious rage. Leila is determined to find her killer and ensure her familys safety while Vlad is determined to find Leila.

I was a bit frustrated with Leilas character she is sooo dense, immature, and whiny when it comes to Vlad. She continually says she accepts him for who he is, but then she leaves him because she cant accept who he is. Vlad is kind of his typical self; controlling and conniving but minus the humor that I loved so much in his characters in previous books. I felt like throughout this whole book Leila and Vlad had the same relationship problems over and over...they didnt grow a ton as a couple.

I also still have some trouble with Leilas I got struck by lightening and am now full of electricity and psychic backstory. It just seems very contrived and unbelievable to me.

There also isnt a huge plot here, basically Leila almost gets killed when she leaves Vlad and her and Vlad have to figure out who is behind the attempt. This is a very romancey paranormal romance. Most of the book focuses on Leila and Vlad and their tumultuous path to a stable-ish relationship. There are some fun and surprising twists to the story that should keep the reader engaged.

The love scenes between Leila and Vlad are decently done. Leila is a lot more fiery than in the last book and makes a good challenge for Vlad. The way she stands up to him when no one else will makes her a good match for him. I did enjoy hearing about Valds past.

The story is engaging enough, there are a couple of cameos of Cat. So it was good to see her again, albeit very briefly. The book ends on a pretty big cliffhanger with not much resolved, so I always find that kind of annoying.

Overall an okay read. The plot for these books is more sparse than that in the Night Huntress novels. Most of the book focuses on Leila and Vlads tumultuous relationship. There is a small plot focused on trying to find out who tries to kill Leila early on in the story, but it definitely isnt some huge and involved complicated plot. I would recommend this book to fans of the NIght Huntress series to to those who love very romancey paranormal romances.
robinmy avatar reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 1732 more book reviews
Leila and Vlad's relationship has grown distant. She has lost her psychic abilities and wonders if Vlad only wanted her around to use them. When Vlad tells her once again that he will never love her, Leila leaves him and returns to Marty and the circus. But someone wants her dead. An assassination attempt leaves her on the run. She doesn't know if she should contact Vlad for help, or if he is behind the attempt on her life.

This is the second book in the Night Prince trilogy. While it was an entertaining story, I thought it was light on plot. We know that Vlad really loves Leila, even though he denies it. We know he would never hurt her on purpose. And, the villains behind the attempt on Leila's life were no surprise. But the book did keep me reading steadily. I'm looking forward to the last book in the trilogy. My rating: 4 Stars.
Bookfanatic avatar reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on
I have mixed feelings about this book. I finished it in one day, so obviously I enjoyed it. It is fast paced with enough action, intrigue and sexy time to hold my interest. However, something is missing in this story. I didn't enjoy it as much as Once Burned. Vlad becomes the romantic hero too soon. Also, there were many times I wanted to hit the heroine, Leila. She's very obtuse. She judges Vlad by the standards of our time, so she expects a big "I love you" from the most lethal vampire alive. She was unable to see how much he did for her. She leaves him because she think he doesn't care enough for her.

These two could have benefitted from the book "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. Leila is clearly a Words of Affirmation person. She needs to hear ILY. Vlad is an Acts of Service person. Giving his blood, sharing his home, protecting her are his expressions of love.

Vlad seemed different in this book. He was tamed too early in the relationship. The big event that happens in this story should happen in the third book. Vlad is still a very appealing, brooding alpha male hero. I thought he gave Leila more than what he got from her so much it weakens his status as a Master vampire known for his vengeance. Towards the end, I almost started to feel sorry for him because she was always running headlong into dangerous situations, so similar to Cat in her earlier days. Vlad and Leila are a power couple that match Cat and Bones for passion and power, but this sequel to Vlad and Leila's story isn't anywhere as good as the sequel to Cat and Bone's, One Foot In The Grave.
KellitaJ avatar reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 550 more book reviews
I liked this latest Frost book.
I never knew where the story was going, it's very descriptive, & the main character Leila, is tough, but not well described.
reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 929 more book reviews
Absolutely loved it. Vlad, "sigh", is such a great old fashion male. I loved how his character doesn't change to try to make him more loveable and Leila doesn't bend for him either. You really get to see her strength and intelligence in this book.

The dialogue is fun and I can't wait to read the next book. I think this series is going to surpass the Bones and Cat series.
zzonielady avatar reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 90 more book reviews
I absolutely love this series. I am certain I am in lust for Vlad. In book two, Vlad has to face his relationship. Can he love, can he tame his mate. Huh! Good luck that one. I am looking forward to Vlad's story developing like Cat and Bones's story did. Don't think I can get enough of these vampires, Have I mentioned I love Vlad's story.
reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 276 more book reviews
Not quite as good as the first book. Leila leaves Vlad because he says he can never love her. He has given her so much more than words. He protects her and her family, she is the only woman he has let sleep in his private bedroom, he tells her he wants forever with her and dresses her beautifully. If she is too self centered and immature to recognize this is love, I'll happily take her place.
Unfortunately, I realized who was the protagonist early on, so not too many surprises. Don't get me wrong, the book is still good. The love scenes with Vlad made my toes curl. He's one HOT vampire.
Leaves me wanting more than three books worth.
reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 436 more book reviews
First time reading Frost stories and I have to say this one is fabulous. Can't wait to read the next in series.
ra7 avatar reviewed Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) on + 808 more book reviews
Yes, this is the lowest I've rated a JF book. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but it had its moments.
While I liked that Leila stuck to her guns and was honest about what, exactly, she wanted, it was also annoying. Some revelations in this one, and as a result, an abrupt ending.
I really don't like Leila's sister, Gretchen.
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