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The Eclectic Pen - Two Angels

By: Sky S. (Misa-Misa)   + 20 more  
Date Submitted: 3/8/2009
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 549

  Jus tto let you know this is a few years old, and it has a strange rhythm that doesn't follow through the whole thing. I have edited it a little, but only enough so that it doesn't bother me as much anymore. I hope you all enjoy it, and plese feel free to give criticism.


An angel looks down from on high to below,
And she sees the bad people as they walk in the flow,
'Dear God!' She cries. 'Why do they remain,
with all the good people who live on that plane?'
She looks up to the god expecting an answer,
Instead she gets pushed for her wings to catch her,
For God has cut her wings off in his rage,
And there is no way for her to survive this pain,
As she hits the ground she begins to cry,
'Sweet God. Why? Oh God, why?'
Instead of an answer she gets silence from above,
Her lord and her father has gone from her love.
When she rams through the ground,
She realizes she's still falling,
'When will I hit?' she thinks. 'When will it end?'
She falls down through the earth and reaches again,
Another plane of existence,
She sees flame everywhere,
And her eyes fail to read,
The signs on the walls of her captivity.

In this new plane of existence,
There is another questioning angel.
Not a cast down angel from Light,
But an angel who belongs to Darkness,
She cares for the Fallen One,
And comes to love her,
She tears her wings in half,
And gives the broken pieces to the Fallen One,
They attach and the Fallen One
Becomes but another angel of Darkness,
She now has a thirst for revenge on her before loved God,
Running to fly away she gives one look back and sighs,
The angel of Darkness dashes to her,
They hug and say farewell,
These two angels always consumed with a fury,
Find themselves wishing that they didn't have to say goodbye.
One floats off while the other stays still,
They are always together,
And although they have no reason to be connected,
They wish that it was not the end,
Time will evenually come to a standstill and the two angels will then know peace.

The Fallen One flies up,
Way up to on high,
She looks her "Dear God" straight in the eye,
And once again asks him her fatal question of why,
He again does not reply,
And when she asks once again he cries out,
'I do not know the answer to your questions!'
She finds herself falling and once again cries,
'How far do I have to fall before I hit the ground?'
She hears an answer in her mind,
From the other angel that is in a bind,
She cannot leave her dark, dark, realm,
So she sends a message to her love,
'You'll never hit the ground,
'You'll just keep falling,
'Spiralling down, down,
'Into the depths of Hell,
'And then you and I will remain here forever,
'Finally time will stop spinning,
'And we two angels,
'One of light and one of Darkness,
'Will be together for eternity.'

The bond of these two bretheren,
Is deeper than love,
They are not blood sisters,
Not even close,
But somehow,
They connected,
And now time will go on for them for eternity,
Just the two angels,
Fallen and Blind,
To remain in their own little cell,
The cell that keeps them,
But remains their world,
Life and Death have finally found a way to escape,
From the blackening place we call Earth,
They don't live in Heaven,
Because of the Fallen One,
They don't live in Hell because of the Blind one,
They live in their cell,
Awaiting their ever-lasting punishment.

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Blake B. (Blakeish) - 3/17/2009 12:52 PM ET
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