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The Eclectic Pen - two pawns and a king left.

By: ericjasongastelum   + 52 more  
Date Submitted: 11/20/2007
Genre: Uncategorized
Words: 630

  ---------general disclaimer: i do not act to have all the answers at all, but i think that when i write, which is one of the only ways i can think, i find things out that i never knew that i thought about deep inside. i share these "random thoughts" with you cause maybe someone, just someone finds them entertaining or maybe someone else finds feelings of highbrow superiority over me while reading what i think, or another can relate to what i am confused with.
please do not read this with the intent of finding an amazing prose or any sort, or a magnificent story line.
just thoughts. anyhow i hope you enjoy these thoughts i write on here every now and again.---------

an outcast from the garden of natural beauty whistles the tunes of an eternal onesided war. but pay attention to this fact: there are two sides. that's to say i made two sides to every argument i wanted to win succesfully. then for the fun of it the argument shackled it's bindings around my ankles to drag with me, and nothing more than behind me.
through all of that the practical world is making mud of my water. that mud comes from me trying to find a real purpose for the semi-colon. if it makes sense together and seprate why fuddle or f--k with someone's head into believing that you can make two into one and one back to two again? it is what i am coming to reason in my mind as: the equitable confusion for all citizens. when you make rules that have so many clauses that lead to a different offence or privilege. and it never ends. so many stops and starts in right and wrong that the a finite verbs start to clash with the infinite actions that repeat day in and day out.
when do the verbs of laws end and start to mesh into other better rules to a bid by? trying to fool proof amendments. chasing our tails.
was g-d right in making no end to physics? we try to mock these with our own brain facts and loops that never make sense in the very end. are we as a human race confused even with the rules we create ourselves, and the conditions we put on things so that we forget where to end?
we lose ourselves in all that we try to make better. in every person we try to please, even if that person is rightly ourselves we start to fade and leak slowly into our choice graves. even then, where we lay is only decided by who can see the hallmark on our fine bullion souls.
it is right about that time that i look into the parlor in my head where i left myself in new jersey, and start to travel back with my mind and my soul. back to now.
i see myself walking those roads freezing to the ice wind and a hope of relaxing at home with familiar faces and somewhere to sleep for four months strait, if anyone would not be so excited to see me back home i could sleep that long.
reflections plucked from the wardrobes in my mind. mrorirs so big yet we are fosncuig on one ceehk at a tmie. and are there other ways to become a better mars to earth? or should i rephrase, are there other ways to be a stellar planet to a stellar planet? are we not all trying to be the same things to the same things? different titles and different duties, sure that was a given from the very start, but the same levers, also identical schematics for us each.
the ends will never meet.
the ends will never meet?
the ends will never meet!
"the ends will never meet"
ends will never meet, the

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