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Topic: Two sheets of paper

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Subject: Two sheets of paper
Date Posted: 8/16/2007 8:52 PM ET
Member Since: 12/17/2006
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This is the second time that someone's commented to me in a pm that I should wrap in 2 sheets of paper.  Um, I do.  I tape 2 pieces of paper top-to-bottom, wrap like a present (using scotch tape) and then reinforce all seams and the tops and bottoms with packing tape.  I also wrap in plastic underneath (the same way...but using a long piece of plastic rather than 2 sheets of paper). Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong and what I should be doing?  Should I be using 2 LAYERS of paper?  I also have gotten some PM's that my books are wrapped well, so I just can't figure it out...

Date Posted: 8/16/2007 8:59 PM ET
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Yes, layers. When you print the wrapper (the first choice one) it prints out two sheets. They are meant to be laid on top of one another and the book wrapped on them. This gives extra protection as the book goes through the PO machinery for sorting. This is only good for paperbacks up to a certain size, however. Fat paperbacks or hardcovers need extra wrapping.


Site instructions from the Help Center:



Date Posted: 8/16/2007 9:34 PM ET
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Huh.  I use the two sheets of paper, wrapping like a present. They overlap in places but there are not two layers everywhere.  I've never heard an adverse comment on the wrapping.  I use a lot of tape.  And with larger/multiple books--I get creative (manila envelope folded down tight or reused bubble mailer most of the time).

Like in this: Using the PBS Wrapper: a tutorial

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Date Posted: 8/16/2007 10:57 PM ET
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You kow, that's the first time I have viewed the wrapping instructions since I initially joined. I swear they weren't shown that way then. But, in looking at the pictures one thing struck me....the way they show the first sheet of paper folded over the book could be a reason some people end up taping the paper to the book.

Date Posted: 8/16/2007 11:52 PM ET
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Layers make it thicker since one layer is so easy to rip exposing the book.

Date Posted: 8/17/2007 3:23 AM ET
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Two layers?   I am so confused.    I haven't seen that spelled out anywhere.     Hmmmmmmm I've sent out over 100 books and all the WRONG way???  waaa the longer I stay here the more confused I become!!

Date Posted: 8/17/2007 9:16 AM ET
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I sometimes have to get an extra piece of paper for those larger books.  I don't do it exactly how they show in the picture but am glad I wrap in plastic so I have something to tape the paper to for the oversized books

Date Posted: 8/17/2007 10:08 AM ET
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yeah I imagine so Charlie if they look at the pics only and don't read the instructions right there which say " If you have wrapped the book in plastic, you can tape the short ends of page 2 to the plastic to make this easier. Do not tape anything directly to the book!"

Date Posted: 8/17/2007 10:32 AM ET
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While I wasn't the person who sent the PM in question, I will confess that I often send similar PMs.  A single layer of printer paper is easily damaged by the machines at the PO.  Then the book often arrives semi-unwrapped and damaged.  I've NEVER had this happen with mass-market PBs, only with trade PBs and HBs.  Although, I'll never understand why someone would even think an HB mailed in a single layer of printer paper would arrive safely...

Date Posted: 8/17/2007 5:16 PM ET
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Charlie, you're right.  Those are not the wrapping instructions that were being shown when I joined two years ago.

I send out mass-market paperbacks mostly so the two sheets that I use are both securely covering the book - in two layers.

I don't think I would ever send out a hardback wrapped according to the directions PBS  is now showing.


Date Posted: 8/17/2007 5:44 PM ET
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I use one sheet to wrap around paperback and it barely covers all sides of the book (barely), then I wrap in Saran Wrap, then I tape two sheets together and wrap like a present, then I tape on the wrapper.  I then tape the heck out of it.  In fact, my husband bumped my desk and a wrapped book fell into the cat's water and there was no damage.  Probably a little more effort than is needed, but I would hate for a book to sustain water damage that I could prevent.

Date Posted: 8/18/2007 12:00 AM ET
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I have found that very few of my books actually fit inside a sheet of paper (or 2).  Thank goodness for plastic, cheap manilla envelopes, and packing tape.

Date Posted: 8/18/2007 12:05 PM ET
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The tutorial above does have this info at the bottom:

  • If the book is large enough that the 2 sheets of printer paper will not enclose it completely, you can use an extra sheet of paper.
  • You can also use a variety of alternate materials to wrap your book, such as:
    • a padded or bubble mailer
    • a nonpadded manila envelope (be sure to tape the loose envelope material down tightly around the book if you choose this, so that no "flaps" stick out to get caught in postal machines)
    • a cut-down paper grocery sack.
    • Feel free to be creative! As long as your package is sturdy and protects the book(s) inside, it's all good!
    • You can tape page 1 onto your alternate packaging like an address label (tape it down securely), and tuck page 2 inside the package.

and there is also:

I got a HB wrapped in just the PBS wrapper the other day (and NOT a small HB, rather a large one) and the sender used the PBS Wrapper and just one or two extra sheets of paper (and plastic inside) and it worked great.  She used a lot of tape and the packaging was tight around the book and the corners were reinforced with tape (and the printer paper was at least two layers over the corners bcs of the folding) and the whole thing was a really nice job.

I complimented her in my thank-you PM, and she told me it was the first book she had sent at PBS!  Bravo for new members who read the Help Center...and who use common sense.  I think there's only so much explaining that can be done, anyway.  At some point common sense has to take over.  

I do use manila envelopes for my HCs usually, or bubble mailers, as I said.   I am not as worried about the single layer  as I am about the pointy corners of the book poking through.  The flat sides of the packages I get don't seem to be the ripping point--it's the corners and the places where the material is loose and can be "grabbed" by a postal machine, it seems, that cause the problems I have seen.

I was so impressed by this new member's wrap job bcs my first few were probably pretty bad--I used Scotch tape!  Ack.

Date Posted: 8/18/2007 6:41 PM ET
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I've always used the 2-layer method for wrapping a book, and am very surprised that the instructions now don't use that method.  I have received books using the method they demonstrate, and, while the books did arrive OK, I felt that the wrapping was inadequate.  I wonder why they changed the instructions?  The old way works fine for mass-market paperbacks.  If I am sending a trade pb or a hardcover, I use a padded envelope.

Date Posted: 8/18/2007 7:11 PM ET
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If I had to wrap a book using the instructions I would be a screaming idiot.  I wrap a standard pb in plastic, then in one sheet of paper, turn seam side down on the second sheet and wrap again.  That way none of your seams except the ends are in the same place.  Haven't had any complaints yet that I know of.  I not dumb but there instructions are confusing to me.  The best way is put the book in plastic & put in the envelope you are recycling from another PBS person.

Date Posted: 8/18/2007 10:38 PM ET
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I wrap in brown paper grocery bags and the like, and so I had never really looked closely at the PBS instructions on using the wrapper.  I was surprised!!

Date Posted: 8/18/2007 11:52 PM ET
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2 layers of legal size paper works well for the thicker paperbacks...

I just looked at the current wrapping! Wow, am I glad I learned to wrap from the previous instructions!!

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Date Posted: 8/19/2007 10:48 AM ET
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i think it's easier to find your own method to wrap a book well...... also another problem i encountered that was issued was: don't attach tape to the book itself! find your own way to wrap your book securely! when in doubt, use more paper. use more tape. i've found that the heavy brown paper works well with bigger or odd shaped books...... though i've addressed the issue of the postal service either purposely ripping the ends to inspect or the ends accidentaly getting ripped in the postal process..... i've had bigger books sent to me in bubble envelopes, which work well. just make sure to make the book as secure as possible so all pbs members are happy.

Date Posted: 8/20/2007 11:13 AM ET
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Like in this: Using the PBS Wrapper: a tutorial

I've seen that before, but the link you get with the wrapper shows using both sheets as layered on top of one another and completely covering the book with both pages.  I wonder if one is older than the other. 

I once received a hardback book through PBS, and the sender used one piece of paper on each side of the book and used only Scotch tape.  Needless to say, the wrapper was torn through in one place and the tape had come loose on the other end. 

Date Posted: 8/20/2007 2:24 PM ET
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It looks like they're wrapping a trade size paperback in that demo.  At least that's how it looks when I wrap mine - and I've probably sent out 20-30 trade size books.  One sheet covers the back and a tiny part of the front.  The other sheet covers the front and part of the back.   I wrap in plastic first and reinforce with packing tape, and have never had a complaint or lost book.

For standard size PB's I just use the two sheets, inner one facing the book so the print doesn't show through, and outer one around that.  Occasionally I'll get one that's too thick to cover completely with the first sheet, but I just adjust the paper a little to make it work.



Date Posted: 8/20/2007 3:08 PM ET
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Well, I just had 2 requests - I did these with 3 sheets of paper - so I first wrapped in plastic, then loosely in the lone sheet, and then put the 2 together and wrapped present-like like I have before...let's hope it works.