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The Eclectic Pen - Unlocking Pleasure

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 11/15/2009
Last Updated: 11/27/2009
Genre: Romance » Paranormal
Words: 5,447

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Kenjii[Co-authored by Jael and Trish]

Unlocking Pleasure

Kalli was used to getting what she wanted. She worked hard to get to the top and didn't like how she was feeling now. The phone call, not even face to face, was all it took to completely undo her. She sat on her cream colored couch in her spacious living room, alone. Not even a pet or roommate to comfort her. After 6 and a half years suddenly he had the nerve to want to say it's not me it's him! Screw that! Oh...why this? why now? 

Jacob sighed as he hung up the phone, his lean muscular frame flexing back to lean against the wall. He didn't want to break up with Kalli, but he felt he had no choice. He looked around his computer room, eyes stopping to stare out of the window. It was a dreary day that hadn't help add to the mood he was in now. As much as he loved her, he knew there was no way he could be with a woman like Kalli. No amount of love can prepare someone for the kind of life he led. No, he knew it was the right thing to do. "Damn it", he swore to himself. He knew this was going to be a hard thing to do, he just hadn't realize just how hard. He let his mind drift back to the time when they made love, and how good her soft skin felt under his touch. He was getting hard just thinking about it. "Enough!" he shouted to himself. The last thing he wanted was to get sucked into a downward depressing spiral of pain and torture. He grabbed his jacket that was hanging over his tattered worn out leather chair and threw it over his shoulder then stomped out of the room. He needed to get his mind off of her, and fast.

Kalli had to get her mind off Jacob. Her life. Her job. Everything. She put on soft music and was just fresh from the shower. Her hair still damp was brushed back from her face, the silk robe worn above the knee felt great against her skin. She had a fire going and the glass of wine she poured was perched next to her on the side table. 

Thinking of Jacob tonight had only reminded her of how long it had been since a man's hands had been on her body. With a skilled tongue and better than average cock Jacob left previous lover's in the dust. Recent changes in his behavior had lead to the break-up. Kalli did not want a one-night stand but her body craved release. Having had time to adjust to not having Jacob every night had left an ache that Kalli did not want to address. She just wanted to feel alive again.

Kalli's long, slender legs were crossed at the ankles and pulled under her where she sat. She wore only a cotton camisole and boy shorts as PJ's. Tapping her search into the computer she was surprised at the choices. "Well. I will try Personal Touch." Kalli read the come-on ad:

"We bring the spa to you. No need to take time coming down to a public parlor when we just need an hour to set up in a room in your home. We have a wide selection of services and very experienced male attendants. We ask that you fill out a short survey so that we may better suit your needs." Clicking a few boxes of generic questions brought Kalli to another page. There was one link listed as the Fantasy/Dream package. 
"That works." Kalli murmured and took a sip of her wine. The choices she had picked gave her the option of beginning with Sweet, Sexy, Sensual and Forbidden. Feeling a slight flush Kalli clicked on Forbidden. The pictures profiled men of various body types and states of undress. Oiled and gleaming. Posing. Each had a look promising sinful pleasure. There was various descriptions to each but what is came down to was one question. How much would one night with the man of her dreams cost her? 

Kalli opened the door to let in Cream aka Hendrix. Personal Touch surely worked fast, no less than an hour after putting her order in, here was her fantasy  man standing right at her door in a trench coat and combat boots. She stared at the extremely large suitcases he had and wondered what sinful delights they held. "Are you Kalli? " Hendrix asked snapping Kalli out of her naughty daydreams.

" Yes, and you must be Cream, come in, please. " Kalli stepped aside and waved him into the apartment. Hendrix walked into the middle of the room and looked around

“So where do you want me " Kalli smiled and thought.

“Oh its not the where but more of the how and in what position " Kalli felt a slight flush infuse her cheeks as she uttered her reply loud enough to give Cream a devilish grin. She cleared her throat and clearly said, “ right there is fine." Kalli moved to sit on the sofa for a better view of Hendrix as he transformed her room into a portable spa. Hendrix was definitely who women had wet dreams about and for the money she was paying he better make that dream a reality.

“Are u ready to begin?" Hendrix asked as he stood up and removed his coat

“Ready when..."Kalli rendered speechless by the view in front of her. Cinnimon toned skin gleamed with body oil. Muscles hardened and cut every plane of his body perfectly. Kalli got a good look at his barely concealed package and blushed. Tingles raced down into her stomach.

“I take it you like what you see?" Cream turned, purposely and put his coat down on the empty suitcases. He heard Kalli’s sharp intake of breath. His thong displayed his sculpted butt like art. Her innocent nearly brought him to his knees. It had been ages since he’d taken a woman so pure of heart, mind and body, Hendrix turned and moved in closer
“Here let me help you with these" Hendrix purred in her ear as he began to undress Kalli. Kalli let out a soft moan as Hendrix's hand lightly brushed her nipple and all thoughts of Jacob disappeared.

Cream had lit some incense but there was a curious scent Kalli immediately associated with him. A heavy spicy scent. He ran his hands down her arms covered by her silk robe and asked, "Would you prefer to undress yourself or have me do it?" Cream's whispered voice made Kalli's core pulse. He had a voice made for phone sex and here he was in the flesh. 

"You can do it." Kalli could barely tear her eyes away from Cream's emerald green depths. He was all muscle and power. Animal. Cream moved and every line on him flexed. A smoky jazz number wafted through the air. 

"Ready?" Cream asked before he placed his hands on Kalli's waist. She nodded and he graced her with a wicked smile. Cream unwrapped the tie at her waist and then ran his hands under the shoulders of the robe. Everywhere his hands touched her naked skin Kalli felt like she was begin touched by a flame. So hot he was, but also he was awakening a hunger. He'd barely spoken. He had yet to touch her intimately and already Kalli was on the verge of coming undone. 

As Jacob drove around the city to cool down he couldn't help feeling a bit stupid in his decision to break it off with Kalli. Could she handle his lifestyle? His inner demons? His truth? All this time she thought he was merely human, something his kind hid from every species but their own. He never even gave any thought about sharing that part of himself with her, as The Tribunal Forbid it. But thinking on it now he wondered if she could handle it. He knew she was a very intelligent and strong person. Kalli wasn’t your normal female, as she didn’t get grossed out and squeal every time a rat or insect happened by. 
"What are you thinking?", he murmured to himself. "You are no rodent or insect!" he snapped. "You are a member of the chosen elite!". He couldn't believe that she was causing him act in such a way. He was not quite accustomed to caring for anyone. His thoughts drifted back to the repercussions of letting an outside in on a secret long kept.
He knew if he told her that he was in a for a hefty punishment from The Tribunal, but he kept debating his options anyways. He was thinking over the various punishments brought forth by The Tribunal when he realized he was near Kalli's home. He hardened instantly. Just the thought of being near her sent chills down his spine, he could feel her breath on his stomach as she lowered herself to him ,her hands roaming all over his body. 
"Damn it!", he exclaimed. He knew this was wrong but he couldn’t help himself, he slammed his foot on the gas, spun a 180 and headed toward Kalli's place. 


Kalli was jerked out of her trance of pleasure. "Did you hear that?" She moved past Cream and headed towards her window. Pulling her robe back onto her shoulders she parted the curtains and looked to the street below. She looked left. Right. Then left again. Just as she was about to turn away she saw headlights weaving down the middle of the street. Then the rest off the truck came into view. "That looks like-" Oh no Kalli thought. Not fucking good. She felt a solid wall of muscle and heat press against her. Cream's thick cock slid against her ass and immediately she was aching ."No, no you have to leave. Get your stuff." Kalli turned and pushed Cream back. She ran she hands through her hair. 
"But why?" Cream wondered.

"That was Jacob. He's pissed. If he sees you...just get your stuff." Cream shrugged and walked over to get his things together. No sooner had he dressed was there a buzzing. "Shit!" Kalli hurriedly walked to the intercom. "Yes?" She tried to not sound anxious.
"It's me Jacob. Can I come up?" Kalli looked over at Cream he had just about finished re-packing his equipment. 

"Sure." She pushed the buzzer and opened the door. "Are you done? What do I owe you?" Cream walked with a sway that Kalli could not help but notice. Again she felt her juices flowing. 

"You owe me nothing, but I will finish what was started here tonight." Cream leaned in and captured her mouth. His tongue invaded her. Danced with her tongue. Mimicked a part of him she wished was pumping in her. Fast and hard. 

"What the hell? You!" Kalli turned to see Jacob standing in the doorway. 

Jacob moved past Kalli with an inhuman speed and lunged for Cream. Kalli stood with her mouth ajar watching Jacob throw Cream around her apartment. "What the hell is going on" she thought as she continued watching the two men go at each other. Realizing she needed to put an end to this before her neighbors called the cops, she moved towards the men. Jacob was standing over Cream landing blow after blow to his midsection with his foot. Kalli went to gab him away. “Jacob, what the fuck are you doing, Leave him alone!" She yelled still trying to pull him away from Cream who was trying to shield his body from the blows Jacob delivered. Kalli couldn't believe what was going on, clearly Jacob was out of control. This was definitely a new side to him she had never seen and right now she had to admit she was a little scared. If she didn't get Jacob to stop she feared he would kill Cream. “Jacob, I said stop your killing him!" Kalli screamed at the top of her lungs. The screaming must have did the trick because Jacob stopped and looked at her. His face wasn't the sweet , loving face she had come to know over the last six years. This face was of a stranger twisted up in anger and hatred. His eyes were no longer pale gray but obsidian black. Kalli looked away and went to help Cream. 

" What is he doing here" Jacob demanded. That voice so unfamiliar to Kalli made something in Kalli snap. She moved away from Cream and jumped in Jacob’s face. 

" How dare you barge into my apartment and attack my company!" Kalli body shook with rage " You have no right to question who I have in my apartment! Let alone cause them harm!" 

The blood in Jacob's vein's felt like lava. The adrenaline pumping through him made his senses flip into overdrive. The pendant around his neck pulsed and hummed. Only in the presence of his enemies. Since there were too many demon species and he could not go around killing all things evil. The pendant helped to separate his enemies from those he just could not stand. "Kalli I don't know why you think he's here. But that thing over there I would hardly call company. He is not even a man." Jacob flicked his hair out of his eyes, which had bled back to their icy blue color. 

"What are you talking about?" Kalli held Cream's head in her lap. He looked unconscious.

"You need to move away and let me finish. God. I never meant for you to find out. Not like this." Jacob grabbed Cream's wrist and yanked him from Kalli's lap

"Hey-" He cut her off with a piercing stare.

"You can stay or go. But things are going to get ugly in about 5 seconds." Jacob closed his eyes.

"I live here. You can make me leave." Then claws that had not been there 5 seconds previous punched through Cream's chest. Cream's shrieked and cried out. A foul odor filled the room. Kalli backed up. She slipped on her running shoes that were right near the front door. Grabbed her jacket and keys and ran out the front door. 

What was going on?" 


Than cursed as he paced the small room. He couldn't believe what he was feeling, but his feelings were never wrong. Hendrix was dead. " Fuck!" he screamed as he threw the glass ,filled with whiskey, across the room. Braedan sat up and raised his eyebrows at Than. 

" What's wrong now" He asked watching Than with intense curiosity. 

" Hendrix is gone." Than continued pacing. This isn't good he thought. Hendrix was one of his best Death Bringers and the only Pleasure demon amongst them.
" How could this be." Braedan asked." Do you think it was one of them that got him. Braedan spat. Not able to say the name of the men who had hunted and killed most of his people. Forcing them hide and live underground. 

" No, Hendrix wasn't a warrior he was a pleasurer, his only threat was loving woman to death." Than smiled at his intended pun. Hendrix was a ladies man and every woman he laid with wanted him until they stopped breathing literally. It was why he was such a great Death bringer. He bought death to millions of women daily. 

"How can you be sure?" Than looked at Braedan. he was the only one in the group that could get away with questioning him anyone else would be turned into ashes by now. 
" I'm not , which is why I need you to find out? Retrace his steps, find the last location he was at." Braedan nodded and left. That was one of the reason Than allowed Braedan such privileges because when it came down to a job needing to be done he did it with no questions asked. Than continue pacing. Hendrix death weighing heavy on his mind. Than hoped that Hendrix death was a result of a jealous husband and not the Regulators because if the Regulators were involved than it meant that the war was starting back up. 


Kalli's heart pounded. Not from running but from recalling the scene in her apartment. She wished she could calmly think about it. She could only panic and run. She rounded the last step of steps, reaching the doors. Punching in the code to let her into the lobby of her building, which would lead outside. 

Kalli looked both ways. She decided to head up the block to the all night diner and just collect herself. She gathered her light jacket around her. Thankful it was long enough to cover her thin boy short PJ's. 

As she pasted the mouth of a dark alley a hand shot out and grabbed her. Another clamped over her mouth as she was about to scream. "It's me! It is Jacob." Jacob's familiar scent and masculine heat wrapped around Kalli. He pressed her against the wall. She was breathing hard. He inhaled deeply. "You smell divine." He pressed against her. Kalli could feel his thickened arousal. "He did this to you." In the midst of her terror Kalli knew what Jacob meant. She was still dripping wet and aching. Throbbing. Wanting to be filled. "You will never have enough babe. But I can try my best to satisfy you right now." As Jacob lowered his hand from Kalli's mouth she didn't fight or struggle. She accepted the bruising kisses and wrapped her leg around Jacob's waist. 

"Please Jacob. Now." Kalli pleaded and felt shame heat her face. She did not want Jacob but she needed sex. She could barely stand for wanting to feel him push into her and pump away. He had his hand between them. Testing her. 

"So wet." Jacob undid his belt and pulled his thick erection from his jeans. Positioning himself at Kalli's wet and ready core he pushed and was in her with one thrust. They both moaned and he could feel her began to quiver. Her orgasm on the brink. "God you feel so good." Jacob began to slide out and the slick feel of Kalli made him almost lose it right then. 

"Fast. Jacob. Hard." Kalli squeezed her inner muscles and Jacob groaned. He grasped her ass and lifted her then began to pump. Kalli always loved the way Jacob felt inside her. Stretched so full and feeling every ridge. He pumped faster and hard. She panted, pushing deep against Jacob's pounding.

"Shit." Jacob muttered. Kalli thrust and rolled her hips pump for pump and Jacob was right on the edge. Then he felt her tense. They heard voices. Then footsteps. Jacob let Kalli's legs go so she could stand and then they pulled apart. Then quickly fixed their clothes before anyone walking by could see them. 

"What is wrong with me?" Kalli hugged herself. She felt the slow throb in her sex building up again. 

"You have been cursed by a pleasure demon. Only true love, or until then lots and LOTS of sex, can break the curse." Jacob ran his hand through his long locks. 

"And you know this because?"

"I'm a demon. A Regulator species. That thing you were hot and heavy with was a pleasure demon. They fuck women to death to gain their pleasure." Kalli felt ill. What was happening with her life? She just wanted to have the post break-up blues, ice cream and cry a lot. 

"So. What do we do?" Kalli looked up at Jacob shyly. She knew what needed to be done. Jacob took his hand and placed it gently on her cheek. 

"If there is any love in your heart left for me. Find it and hope it is enough to break the curse. Until then we just have to, you know." Jacob sweetly kissed Kalli and Kalli hoped that was all there was too it. Did she still have a little love left in her heart for a demon?

So much was going on in such a small time period that Kalli's mind was fixing to explode. 

Love left in my heart for him?, she thought to herself.

She had never stopped loving him, even when he called and broke her heart. Kalli let out a stifled moan, her thighs squeezing together to try and stop the constant rushes of need that kept throbbing between her legs.

Pleasure Demons, Regulators... what the fuck was going on? And where did that leave her?, Kalli wondered.

Doubling over Kalli instantly felt nauseous, she needed time to think about all of this.. time that she didn't have. "Babe? Are you ok?" Jacob said, as he put his arm around her, trying to hold onto her as it looked like she was going to hurl. He kept one arm around her and steadied himself with his other arm against the brick wall of the alleyway they had quickly entered to hide themselves from public view. "I am sorry, I never meant for you to get involved in this war." Jacob blurted out before thinking

.Shit!, he thought to himself. How the hell do I explain all of this to her without ending up before The Tribunal?
"War?" Kalli asked as she stood herself up and tried to compose herself as best as she could. She was failing miserably as she couldn't help but to wiggle and squirm to try and stop the throbbing between her legs. "Jacob, what the fuck is going on?! And for once would you not spare me the details?" Kalli spat. She didn't mean for it to come out as crude as it did, but she was losing this battle with her body and she wanted answers before going any further. 

Part of his ancestral heritage was the sharing of genetic foundations with all demonic species. Sometimes so faint only echoes were ever felt. For instance he felt Kalli's need as though he were the one cursed with a sex spell, because of his demon nature. 

He was not ever supposed to tell humans about his demon nature. Kalli's life was in danger two-fold. From him and the pleasure spell. "Kalli. Let's get you somewhere safe." Kalli looked up at Jacob, almost grimacing from the pleasure zipping and tingling through her sex. "I promise I will give you everything." The double meaning of Jacob's words pulsed throughout Kalli's being. She had to know. She had to have everything from Jacob. Now. 

Jacob drove like a speed demon, though that that was a different species all together, through the streets of the city. He knew his home would be safe. He exited onto the dirt road not a few blocks outside the city limits. The trees created a natural tunnel. Total darkness surrounded them and Jacob spoke. "Kalli I knew that it would not be safe for you. I could not tell you why we could no longer be together other was me. Now do you see?" Jacob paused only to collect his thoughts. "My position within the Regulators is to track and kill my enemies. The Death Bringers. They are varied in species and are only recognized to me by my pendant. For what I have told you I will surely be punished if I am found out." Kalli knew of the pendant he spoke about. She asked about it one time. Jacob simply said it was a family heirloom. Kalli tried rocking her hips and squeezing her thighs to relief the building pressure. She discreetly slid her hand into her PJ's. Her sensitized , slick flesh instantly reacted to her touch. She moaned and Jacob glanced over at her. He smiled. "Are you paying attention to a word I have said?" 

"Barely." Kalli murmured. She slipped a finger inside herself and slowly worked it in and out. 

"You smell like heaven." Jacob whispered. Kalli slid her bottom down to the edge seat. Moans fell freely from Kalli's mouth. She took her other hand and pinched her nipple and rolled it into a tight peak. Kalli thought of Jacob being inside her full and stretching and that thought alone brought on her orgasm. 

"Unnhh."Kalli pulled back up on the seat and was about to find a tissue to wipe her hand when Jacob took it and lead her honeyed fingers to his mouth. 

"Let me." 
The next few days were tortured bliss. Jacob went out at night doing his hunting and Kalli scouted bars looking for a suitable partner for the night. There was no way she was going to use Jacob just for sex and she told him. He gave her a look to kill but reluctantly knew he could not service her every need. "I am going out. If you need me for anything. For any reason call me." Jacob brushed a kiss softly across Kalli lips. Jacob hated the fact she had to go out looking for sex but also knew that unless she was in love she wouldn't break the spell. 

Kalli heard Jacob pull away and went to grab her coat and purse. She felt safe alone in the large mansion. It was bound against Death-bringers. Jacob's enemies anyway. Her heels clicked loudly on the marble floor. Jacob's home was more of a museum than a home. Old art and very spacious. Being here again brought back old pain. Six and a half years gone. Kalli loved Jacob but was no longer in love. He lied to her the whole time they were together. She could not see herself having a physical relationship with him only. Just to relief an ache. A sexual hunger. 

Headlights cut across the foyer and Kalli was jerked from her thoughts. She rushed over to the front door unlocking it. "Must be the cab." She pulled open the door and stepped outside. A very tall very brute looking man stood there. "My name is Parceus. Death-bringer." Kalli's eyes widened. She turned to run but was caught about the waist. 

Jacob cruised the darkened highway. Leaving Kalli every night weighted heavy on his mind. Though he felt her safety was not at risk, the thought of her being with another man sickened him. The pleasure curse caused her to never be fully satisfied. She needed release almost constantly. Jacob could only do so much. She did not love him. Only that would bring the curse to an end. 

Kalli lay in the back of the van. She was gagged, bound and horny as hell. "I smell your arousal kin. Like the sweetest dew. Want to taste." The creature's words were like electric zaps to Kalli's center. Drenching her thighs. She did not have panties. She never wore panties on nights out. She felt like she had no control over her sexual needs. Anyone, anything would do. 

Jacob pulled over. His pendant pulsed. His enemy was near. In 6 years he had never had to rid this realm of so many Death-Bringers. So he decided is was best to break it off with Kalli. In the process he broke her heart. What an ass. 

As he approached the vacant building the wave of pure demonic energy nearly crippled him. Something was wrong. There was too many of them. Before he could decide what to do the building exploded and Jacob was thrown to the ground. He was knocked out by a blow to the head. He did not see the group of varied Death-bringers approach. "Take him to the girl. We have work to do." 

Kalli was in a room laying bound to a bed. She was nude and fiercely aroused. By this time she would had taken several lovers and the ache would be dimmed. Now, her hunger burned. She craned her neck up to look around. Someone sat in the room. Looking at her. “Ah, kin, you are awake. You are to attend your mate’s Tribunal. Disobedience to the Law is not taken lightly.” The man got up and Kalli saw that he had handcuffs. He cuffed one wrist and untied her from the post. Then cuffed the other. He slowly brushed he hands across her breasts. A ragged moan tore from her throat.

“More!” Her hips bucked and she pleaded with the stranger.

“Perhaps, if he lives, you mate can service your needs.” The pain of pleasure was almost too much. Tears streamed down Kalli face.


Jacob’s wrists were rubbed raw. He was bound to a wooden post and hung a few inches from the ground. Suddenly he was doused with ice cold water. The shock took the breath from his lungs. “You have disobeyed the Law.” The voice chilled Jacob more the the water. He tried to remember what happened. After the explosion it was all a blur. “We rescused your mate. Parceus is a force to be reckoned with but we had some of our best men doing battle. Then the set-up at the warehouse that nearly killed you. We decided to bring you both here. The Death Bringers want war but we want justice! You know the punishment Jacob. No one can know. That is how we survive.”

“NO!” A woman’s scream pierced the darkened room. “Leave him alone you bastards.” She grunted and struggled against being restrained.

“S-she doesn’t have to be here. She doesn’t need to see this.” Jacob gritted out.

“Hmm. Perhaps she does. The pleasure spell has her crying out in her sleep and yet she refuses her mate? Maybe a little display of true loss will awaken the forgotten feeling of love.” The Courtmen growled. Using a refined power the Courtman lifted his hand and summoned the energy that began the torture. Immediately the pain radiated from Jacob’s being. He could not stifle the screams. He felt things tear inside himself. Bones shattered, muscles shredded. Bit by bit he was being torn apart while the woman he loved stood by.

Blood ran in a river from his body as bone fragments poked through his skin. Reformation was a necessary punishment to any that broke the Law, and were worthy to live. Jacob would be thankful once he was put back together and healed. For now the death coma gave him peace.

“You killed him!” Kalli wailed. She screamed and ran to Jacob. His broken bloodied body hung from the wooden cross and she leaned into him anyway. She felt his bones move like a bag of marbles and rage replaced the aching hunger that burned in her. “What have you done!” The man behind her pulled her back. He cut Jacob down, threw him over his shoulder and carried him out of the chamber. No one said anything to her. Not one word.

For three days Kalli lay in the room. Not eating barely wanting to move. The man that brought her to witness Jacob’s death came in daily to wash her and oil her body. The massages alleviated the sexual ache but Kalli was hardly even aware of it.

She heard the door open and close. They approached the bed and sat down. Their warm hand slowly trailed up Kalli’s outer thigh, over her rounded hip and rested on her waist. “Kalli, say you love me.” Kalli’s heart beat tripled.

It can’t be.

She turned and looked into the most gorgeous set of icy blue eyes. Jacob sat next to her and she wanted to cry. In fact tears coursed down her cheeks. “I thought you died.”

“I did. Sort of. A rebirth. I was given a choice. I I served my people well. I am human now. Fully. Can you say you love me?” Kalli didn’t know what to do. She fought so hard to not fall for Jacob again after he left her, then he went and died to let her know his secret.

“Yes. Dammit. I love you.” Jacob leaned over and brought his lips down over Kalli’s. Still soft and sweet. They licked and nibbled at each others lips until they were both breathing heavy.

“I’d love to give you the works babe but this place gives me the creeps.” Jacob slipped off his pants. Climbing into bed with Kalli he covered her nude body, “let’s just break the curse already.” Kalli nodded and opened up to Jacob. She took hold of him and guided him to her center. With one hard thrust he was buried deep. “Ah babe, that feels so good.” Kalli wrapped her legs around Jacob and locked her feet at the small of his back. Feeling the tight, wet fist of her sex clasp around him, Jacob knew he wouldn’t last long. Kalli felt the full stretch of Jacob inside her and her inner muscles twitched. Jacob cradled her bottom and began to rock. Pumping harder and faster, riding the edge of their release until it crashed over them both.

Kalli felt a complete and total explosion of sensation and pleasure beyond the orgasm Jacob gave her. He broke the spell and cast another love spell all his own.


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