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The Eclectic Pen - *untitled* chapter 3

By: Colette B.   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 5/24/2009
Last Updated: 5/29/2009
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Words: 983


On Monday morning I walk into the school a few hours late. I go to the office to get a pass.
“Mr. Stone,” the principal says walking up to me and clapping me on the shoulder, “Step into my office.”
I walk in and he follows me and shuts the door. “Marcus, we’re very concerned about your future.” The teachers at NEE always talk in plurals.
“Well frankly, Pete-”
“Marcus, I prefer Principal Tory.” he says, cutting me off.
“I’m not all that concerned. About my future that is.” I continue, ignoring him. He's leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. “Well, Marcus, that’s really not up to you anymore. You’ve had more than enough chances to turn yourself around, adopt a new attitude about life and your future. And I think you’ll thank me one day.”
If this all sounds like crap that’s because it is. See, back when my dad was still around, he donated some money to this school and enrolled me in it because I guess he thought he was to good to have a son in some crappy inner-city school. So now I’m stuck here at this nice private school with a bunch of rich trust fund spoiled kids.
“I highly doubt that.” I say, bored.
“So,” he continues ignoring me, “I’ve found someone who I think will be very helpful to you… academically.”
“A tutor?” I scoff, “No way.” I shake my head.
“No, no. Not a tutor… per say…” Pete clears his throat and wont look at me.
“Who?!” I ask him.
“She’s very smart, Marcus, she’s in quite a few of your classes, she’ll help you in the library after school and during study hall. I’ve already talked to her…”
“Who.” I say again.
“Her name’s Violet. Violet Pierce. She’s a very nice girl, Marcus. Really.” I shake my head. “Marcus this is not up to you. I have more than enough reasons to kick you out of this school already. I do not need another one. What would your family do if I sent a letter to your mother that you’d been kicked out. I’ll be having meetings with the two of you each week separately, and together. If Violet tells me you’ve been skipping or cheating or anything of the sort you will be expelled. Understand?” he says sternly.
“Fine.” I say staring at him.
“Good. Now she’s waiting in the cafeteria now. You’re late.”
I stand to leave “Marcus?” Pete says. “Be nice.”
I smile at the door. “When am I not.” I mumble as I walk out.


I walk into the cafeteria and look around. In the back corner there’s a girl with dark brown hair, pale skin. She’s looking intently down at the pile of books and notebooks heaped on the table. I walk over to her and when she looks up I can’t look away. She has the greatest eyes I’ve ever seen. They’re huge and blue and sparkle up at me in the light.
“Marcus?” she says standing up and holding her hand out to me, “Hi. I’m Violet.” She smiles brightly at me. She’s wearing a navy blue dress that looks nice with her pale skin and dark hair.
“Hey.” I say looking at her tiny hand. I grab it and shake it, letting go quickly. She sits down and nods her head to the chair across from her. I pull it out and sit.
“So, today I was thinking we could just get to know each other. That okay?” she says. She has a really high ringing, clear voice. Everything about her is very clean and neat: her nails filed neatly to almond shapes, her pale, clean skin, her childish voice, her heart shaped face, her hair which is down and hangs straight down below her shoulders without one hair out of place. Not the kind of girl I usually hang out with, but still, she’s cute if you like the innocent perfect type. “Sure.” I say.
“Kay, I’ll start. So I’m Violet Pierce, I have two little sisters, they’re twins. I’ve always wanted a dog but my moms allergic so I cant have one, but I got a fish last year for my birthday- one of those shiny ones? I dunno what they’re called but anyways he’s blue and shiny and I call him Splashy. I’m a junior, I’m 16- 17 in July- but I don’t know how to drive yet, so I walk a lot of places.” While she talks I stare at her candy pink lips. “My dad died when I was 9. I love reading. And music. My least favorite subject is gym, and my favorite subject is Photography. Oh my favorite colors are turquoise and navy. And I like swimming. Okay your turn.”
“Uh.. I’m Marcus Stone. I love dogs. I don’t exactly have one but there’s this stray dog that comes around a lot. I give him food and stuff sometimes. I have an older brother, and 3 younger sisters. Half sisters. I’m a Junior. I’m 17. I like running. I like music. I don’t like any of my classes.” I tell her. She nods and then squints her eyes while she thinks.
“So you have a step dad?” she asks me, I nod. “What’s that like?” as she waits for my answer she leans forward on her elbows and cradles her chin in her hands, looking up at me like I’m about to tell her a story. “What’s what like?” I ask her, sounding like an idiot. “Having a step dad!” she says smiling up at me, “Cause, you know, like in all the stories and stuff step parents are always really mean? So I’m just wondering if it’s really like that.”
“Well, I cant speak for all step parents, but for me, yeah. It is like that. I hate my step dad.” I say, thinking of how P.J. treats my mom and me.
“Oh.” she says simply.

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Natalie G. (ilikepie) - 5/26/2009 9:01 PM ET
get next one out, fast! lol
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