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The Eclectic Pen - *untitled* chapter 6

By: Colette B.   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 6/26/2009
Last Updated: 7/25/2009
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Words: 934


I chase Violet out of the school. She’s running away from me whenever I get close to her and screaming at me to leave her alone. She falls down in the middle of the empty parking lot, and I walk over to her and sit down by her. I open her duffel bag and look for something with her address on it. I don’t find anything, but a cell phone and decide it’s not like I can take her home in this state anyway. So I just pat her awkwardly and hope she calms down.
“I just… have to go.“ she hiccups.
I look at her carefully and decide she knows what she needs better than I do.
“Do you need a ride?“ I ask her scratching my head awkwardly. She nods pathetically. “Okay.” I pick up her bag, then help her up. She stands and I take out my keys. “Nice.” she says sarcastically, nodding at my car. “Thanks.” I say matching her sarcasm. I get in and toss her bag in the back. She slides in the other door, still sniffling. I glance at her and feel guilty for nothing.
“Um, wha-” I start but she says, “Just bring me home okay?” I look at her and nod.


The next day I come into school earlier than usual. I almost make it to first period. When I go to get a pass everyone in the office looks at me funny. Pete comes out of his office and stares at me. I roll my eyes and go to second period. I have science. As soon as I get there I remember why I come late. I drop my slip on the teachers desk and look for the only empty seat, which- gee, what a coincidence- happens to be next to Violet. Violet, who is so sweet and pretty I feel horrible for even knowing her. Violet, who probably hates me, as she should. Violet, who is the first person in a long time I don’t want to hate me. Violet, who is totally screwing with my plan to get out of this town without getting attached to anything or anyone here. Violet, who’s looking down at the textbook concentrating so hard on her note taking that she doesn’t notice I’m here until I sit down next to her. She looks over at me and blushes.
“Oh, hi, I didn’t think you’d come. I took notes for you.” She says quietly, sliding some papers over to me. I nod at her, then look down at the notes. They’re written in her tiny, neat handwriting. She’s filled two pages with notes and pictures. I pull a piece of paper out of my note book and write: Wats all this? She reads it smiles and writes back: I’ll explain it in 4th pd.


I’m in the library waiting for Marcus. I’ve decided that maybe if I don’t say anything about last night he won’t and just forget the whole thing. “Hey.” he says walking up to my table and smiling down at me. His voice sounds loud in the quiet library. His holy jeans, shaggy hair, disheveled appearance, the impish grin on his face looks out of place among the neatly stacked shelves of books.
“Hi,” I say and nod to the chair by me. He sits and looks at me. I look away and he leans forward resting his chin in his big hands and I hear my self saying, “Last night I was… really tired. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’m sorry I, you know, had a break down.” He looks at me then sits back and looks at me some more, his eyes unreadable. “Don’t be sorry.” he says quietly, gently. I look down at the books in front of me. “We should-”
“How long’s lately?” he asks, cutting me off. He’s still staring at me, and I’m blushing.
“What?” I ask, breathlessly. All he’s doing is looking at me! Why should I be embarrassed? Or breathless, for that matter.
“You said you haven’t been sleeping lately. How longs that?” he says.
I give a little humorless chuckle, “Like, my whole life.” I say. He grins at me and I smile back.
“I really don’t sleep a lot either.” he says, smiling. “Hey Marcus,” someone says from behind us. I turn around and see a kid I don’t know standing behind me. He’s tall and lanky and tan. He’s wearing a pair of jeans and a gray tee-shirt under a navy blue blazer. “Hey,“ Marcus says. The guy glances at me and smiles. “Hey, I’m Blake.” he says still smiling. He glances at Marcus and says, “What’re you doing hanging out with a nice girl like her?” Marcus roles his eyes and mumbles, “I don’t know Blake, why don’t you ask her?” So Blake turns to me and says, “What’s your name?” “Violet.” I tell him. He nods and says, “What’s a nice, smart girl like you doing hanging around with a guy like Marcus?” I smile wickedly and say, “What kind of guy is Marcus? And who says I’m nice?” He grins and I glance at Marcus smiling. He’s glaring at Blake, not smiling. I stop smiling and furrow my eyebrows. He looks at me with the same look I was using on Blake. I widen my eyes at him and mouth What? He rolls his eyes back to Blake and says, “She’s my tutor.” Blake stops smiling and looks hard at Marcus. He rolls his eyes and walks away, saying “I’ll see you around, Violet.” over his shoulder.

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