Book Reviews of Velocity

Author: Dean Koontz
ISBN-13: 9780553804157
ISBN-10: 0553804154
Publication Date: 5/24/2005
Pages: 416
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 437 ratings
Publisher: Bantam
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 4
Engaging story and fast-paced enough to hold my interest throughout the novel. For Koontz fans, you won't be disappointed. For those unfamiliar with Koontz, this is an excellent example of the type of complex plot and general mayhem you can expect from him.
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My first (and last) Koontz mystery. A bit too contrived for me.
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another great thriller from Dean Koontz, this one had me up all night b/c I couldn't put it down. Which decisions would you make if you had this happen to you??? It really makes you think!
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Oh my - this was good! One of his more intense reads - very suspenseful and scary!
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Clever, eerie and full of twists. As its name implies, this book moves fast with plenty of action. The premise is much deeper than the impression you might get from the book summary.

4 stars out of 5
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I'd rate this book as fair. The plot seemed well-planned but not completely developed. The first 100 pages seemed rather slow and it ends without really explaining why the bad guy was who he/she was. I wouldn't rush out and get this one.
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This was another one of Koontz's fast-paced, roller coaster rides. I loved how the chapters were short, some only 3 pages in length, which somehow that added to the whole speed/action thing. And based on the title, this is what he'd set out to accomplish and he did so with applomb.

Throughout the story, you're left wondering right up until the very end, who's responsible for all the murders going on around Billy, and the notes they're leaving him that bring him into the fold. (I won't go into a synopsis here as I included it in this book's journal entry.) And just when you think you've got it figured out, like Billy, you're thrown a curve ball, just like on a roller coaster. hehe
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Middling on the Koontz scale. Not as scary as some, but fast-paced. I found it hard to like the protagonist, so this book didn't really do it for me, but the plotting was interesting.
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its a koontz what else do i need to say
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What a great fast paced read! I finished it the day after I got it! Wonderful book.
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Great, great,great...Koontz keeps on and on.
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Great ending!
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I typically like Dean Koontz, and am not squeamish about horror or thriller books, but found this book to be excessive in the "violence with out a cause" department.
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I'm generally not much of a fan of the "horror" genre, but the short synopsis on the back cover caught my interest enough to get me to give it a shot. I found the story to be compelling enough that it kept my interest enough to keep the pages turning. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a suspenseful, quick read. I didn't much care for the ending - it seemed rushed and awkward. But overall it was a good story.
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Great suspensful story by always. Couldn't put it down!
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Loved this book!
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Great book! Got my attention from the very beginning and was a great psycho-mystery thriller. Some parts of little gruesome, but I am told that is typical for this author's books. (This is the first I have read of Dean Koontz).
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I've had VELOCITY in my TBR pile for a few years now so was glad to finally get to it before it spent yet another year in waiting.

I couldn't really get into the book much because it read too much like a Saw movie rip-off. A man gets an ominous note telling him a killer will kill this or that person if the man does this or doesn't do that, the choice is yours.

Anyone who's seen the wildly popular Saw movies knows this is a knock-off from that.

I was yawning after 50 pages so just skimmed through to the end, and yep...nothing new here.
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This was my first ever Koontz book many years ago and I have been hooked on him since. They actually made a movie based on this book which I thought was cool. If you love a good page turner that keeps you up all night this is a winner.
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Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors and he didn't dispappoint me with Velocity. Fast paced and exciting!
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It's Been years since I have read Dean Koontz. This was first one in a long time. Wow, great story. Ended pretty abruptly, but all ends closed. Kept me reading until the end. Keeps you wondering who it is until the end. Great book.
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I thought the book was so - so, but this genre is not my favorite.
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Read this book over a 2 day period-couldn't put it down!
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wonderul and fast paced!
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Another great Koontz story. I never guess the endings!
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Another good one by this author. scary & unbelievable at times times.
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This was another fast paced Koontz read but I didn't like the main victim/hero/protagonist very much and thought he was way too Self-righteous and judgemental. I much prefer characters with a core of genuine sweetness like "Odd Thomas".
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great read.."intense"
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Another great book by an author who rarely disappoints. Velocity is a more realistic (in that it doesn't use the supernatural or other sci/fi type characters sometimes found in Koontz' stories) read, but it definately delivers enough excitement and twists to keep you turning page after high velocity!
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One of the most fast-paced and scariest psychological thrillers I have ever read! Dean Koontz's writing is as good as ever in this one.
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if you dont take this note to the police and get them envolved, i will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher some where in the couinty. if you do take this note to the police i will instead ki;; an elderlyoman in charity work. you have 6 hours to decide
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A very good story, with an ending I did not anticipate.
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Very Good!! :) :)
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Awesome book!!!!!!!!!
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First time I read this author. This book is so good that I couldn't put it down.
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I love Dean Koontz but this book was way to wordy! I know that sounds weird but I felt like the people weren't real, the way they spoke and acted. He took up so much page space describing surroundings and such that I felt very impatient. It had a great theme but no follow through.
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Koontz is a little wordy, but this book kept me breathless! It doesn't follow the normal thriller template of events, and was surprising all the way to the end. This book makes you think about difficult decisions!
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Very good reading!
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While reading this book it was pretty grusome, but the ending keep it a little easier to take.
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A typical weird Koontz book. Loved it.
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I couldn't keep up with the twists and unexpected turns! I loved it!
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good read...not as intense as i expected.
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Devoured this book faster than a pizza at a weight-watchers meeting. But it deserves to not only be read, but analyzed. Take your time with it. It's worth it.
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Impossible to put down!!
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Pure trill from begining to end.
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I didn't care for this book that much. It wasn't one of Koontz's best books. In some parts the book dragged.
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Noone can match Koontz for scarey. This book will keep you flipping pages long after lighs out...
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Great read.
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"If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schooltacher somewhere in Napa County.
If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work.
YOU have 6 hours to decide. The choice is yours."

Another spell-binding book from Dean Kootz, I have never been dissapointed in this author.
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A diabolic killer plays a harrowing game of cat and mouse with a reclusive bartender in Koontz's latest gripping suspense thriller. Billy Wiles, a 30-something bartender and former writer, is content with his solitary Napa County existence listening to "beer-based psychoanalysis" from tavern regulars; visiting his hospitalized, comatose fiancée, Barbara; and carving wood sculptures. But the simple life gets mighty complicated when he finds a note with a deadly, time-sensitive ultimatum: he must choose between the death of a young schoolteacher or an elderly humanitarian in six hours. Reluctant local sheriff Lanny Olsen dismisses it as a joke until a comely teacher is found strangled and another threatening note appearsoffering even less time for Billy to decide the fate of two more people. Who would have guessed that one of those people would be Olsen? After his friend's murder, Billy finds that the cunning killer has gained access to every aspect of his life as the ultimatums grow increasingly more personal. Suppressing horrific childhood memories, Billy scrambles to bury grisly incriminating evidence the murderer has deviously planted. More gruesome deaths and shaky suspicions trap Billy right in the demented killer's lair for just the beginning of Koontz's serpentine showdown. Graphic, fast-paced action, well-developed characters and relentless, nail-biting scenes show Koontz at the top of his game.