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Topic: Vent: I was accused...

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Subject: Vent: I was accused...
Date Posted: 8/13/2007 11:44 PM ET
Member Since: 12/7/2006
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I have quite stringent  Requestor's Conditions because I really want to build a nice home library (hubby promised me one in this lifetime :-)

I am NOT willing to accept books that --

* come from smoking environments.

* are severely dog-earred.

* the cover has a rip or tear (no matter how small).

Hardcover books WITH dust jackets, please.  Thanks!

In my experience, almost all PBS members have been honest about their book's condition.  Most will cancel the transaction if they don't meet my RCs.  But today, I was accused of this:

Obviously, this is being used to resale, and I will not take the chance this is not up to the requestors standards.

This person does NOT know anything about me and yet he/she had no qualms to accuse me.  I know I shouldn't give this the time of day but PBS is such a fun site for me and I never expected to be accused of something just because I am OC about my books. Just venting...thanks for listening!




Date Posted: 8/14/2007 1:03 AM ET
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I just think perhaps because the RC are so strict that was the assumption. be it right or be it wrong. Unfortunetly i think what the person assumed is the case more often than a home library.

home librarys are nice :) glad your getting one.

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 1:04 AM ET
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Alot of people don't accept book request from ANYONE with requestor conditions.  If you want condition that  stringent, it is a chance you will have to take. This is a USED book site.............

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 2:43 AM ET
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Why don't you state in your conditions exactly what you said here:"because I really want to build a nice home library (hubby promised me one in this lifetime :-)  ". Then it clearly states to people up front, and may avoid them going to the first conclusion of "you are a book seller". I think there is nothing wrong with a home library for the family, and when you state it upfront like that, it gives people a better thought about your conditions.

Maybe. Or maybe you will still get some crabby-butt that will complain about your conditions, but at least the NICE people will know that they are doing something good  :) hahahahaha

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 2:49 AM ET
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Actually more often then not someone with specific conditions like this users is a collector NOT a reseller.  That is just a common misperception. Assuming someone is a reseller because they have condtions is just an excuse to not deal with them.  If they truly thought they were a reseller, then they would have reported the user since it violates TOS to use the site for resale purposes. R&R would have checked into it and cancelled the account if they thought it was true.  I guess it is just easier to believe someone wants to make money then someone actually CARES about their books.

Alot of resellers don't care about smoke smell they are not overly concerned about small tears and they definately do not care about dog-earred pages.   Look at amazon and you will notice the good majority are far from meeting her conditions.  On top of that as someone else pointed out popular books are a dollar a dozen.  God knows I can't help but find Grisham, Nora Roberts, Harlequeen books, Stephen King, etc at 1 out of every 3 yard sales or thrift stores. 

Collectors, whether a few series or a whole genre, want nice books for their home libraries.  They try to get the best copy available.  Actually alot will accept some that do not fall in their conditions as I did today.  The book had a tear where the cover and the spine meet.  I could have reported it as a problem because it failed my condtion, but the user had sent 2 other books that were awesome, so I just put some tape on it and accepted it.

Yes people with conditions will get turned down more often then someone without condtions, but rejecting just because someone has condtions is just rude, inconsiderate, and goes against the whole spirit of the site "Sharing books with each other".  If R&R did not think there was a valid reason for conditions, they would not have added the ability for them. 

Course what I find really funny is the fact that 2 of her conditions("come from smoking environments." and "Hardcover books WITH dust jackets" are common condtions. When people have ranted about how bad the smoke smell was from a book or about not getting a dust jacket with a hard cover, this SAME forum has repeatedly stated they should add them to requestors condtions.  Now she is getting accused and punished for following what the consensus advised.

Jasmine, just an FYI, you will be rejected alot because of the condition "come from smoking environment." Alot of books are found at Friends of Library(FOL) sales, thrift stores, and yard sales.  The history of its prior environment is unknown so alot will not want to chance it.  If your intent is to not get books that might have a taint of smoke smell, then the condtion will work for you.  If the intent is to not receive books that smell heavily of smoke, you might want to reword it to say so.  As for the accussation, you do have the option of sending a note to the PBS team.  You can tell them the book it was on and they can see the comment.  They may intercede on your behalf.

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 3:29 AM ET
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A tweak of the "smoking environment" requirement that I have is that it must not be currently in a smoking environment.  I had a request declined as they didn't know the history of the book.  Well, some of the books I get from the used stores and the like I certainly don't know the history of.  I've found that typically after a few non-smoking owners, the smell has dissipated enough that it doesn't aggrivate my nose.

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 3:56 AM ET
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call me crazy..but this is a used book site. if i wanted to guarantee a nice book for my collection i would go somewhere were i could view it in person.....but that just me. I have a home library too, but mine is mostly just for my pleasure ..

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 6:08 AM ET
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Jasmine - I wouldn't have a problem with your conditions, especially if they are as specific and concisely stated.  I do agree with Sherry that it would make them even better to include the part about the library.

I recently turned down a request that went on FOREVER, not because I thought they were a resaler, but because some were rather vague and I wasn't willing to read through the whole thing searching for something that was going to bite me later!  When you have to scroll to read the whole list, it's too long!

Good luck with the library! Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea, and enjoy a good book!

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 7:59 AM ET
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Jasmine,  I have a no smokey books restriction, as do many people on this site.  Very rarely do I run into people who don't understand  that condition because it's so common.  I totally understand that one line and would  never say no to you based on that condition.  I'm sorry to say that the rest of your conditions can be seen as excessive for a used book site.  You're going to find some people who have no issue mailing books to you and some people who will tell you "no way!" based on your many, picky requests.  Most of my books are nwe, read once by me but others that I receive from this site and then mail on to the next person may not qualify under your high standards.  I'm sorry to say that I'd probably deny your request too, although I would not go so far to accuse you of anything.  If I had to give a reason, I'd say "excessive conditoins". 

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 10:17 AM ET
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Well, I'm going to take a different tack on this.  I think the problem is the asusmption that everyone who has conditions other than those relating allergies must be trying to resell the books. 

As was previously stated, resellers don't necessarily demand a book in perfect condition.  Resellers are used to dealing with used books. they are used to seeing books less than perfect, and if the book is an expensive one they don't really care.  Of course they'd be thrilled to get a rare book in perfect condition, but they aren't going to expect that. 

I agree that people with strong conditions about the quality of the book are more likely to be collecting than selling. 

And I don't see any reason why you should have to justify your conditions.  The problem was with the responder, not you.

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 10:47 AM ET
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I don't know why everyone here seems to be so concerned about resellers. If there are so many resellers on this site, then why have I never gotten a SINGLE PM of interest on the collector books I have posted in the book bazaar more than once now? Some of them have some pretty decent dollar values on Ebay and Alibris.

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 12:19 PM ET
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I think ANY conditions you want to put on your account is just fine!!  It's your choice.  If you want "like new" books, that's allowed.   Yes, it's a used book site, however the site allows for ANY condition you choose to add.    I find "no smokey books" to be vague!   As an Xsmoker, what I find smokey and what you find smokey may be different.   I'll read any condition you want to put on your account, and IF my book meets the condition, I'll send it.      Honestly, I don't care what you do with the book once you get it.    I do not believe a reseller would make much money trying to get their books on here.   

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 4:48 PM ET
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I won't trade with conditions, I don't want to take the chance of sending a "bad" book. 

I agree with Katie this is a used book site.  If I want new conditions I buy new.  I just love to read and a pristine book looks so unread.

Only my opion.


Date Posted: 8/14/2007 8:31 PM ET
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I feel it's wrong to not send just because someone has a condtion at all. At least read the condition and then decide.

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 8:55 PM ET
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I think it just surprises (and annoys) people that others have such high expectations of used books.  It doesn't make it wrong or right, and if you are willing to be turned down sometimes, then it's certainly within your options to have conditions.  I don't know why anyone would waste their time sending pm's accusing people of things when they have no facts though.  Just decline and move on.

Date Posted: 8/14/2007 9:00 PM ET
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The people who are dead set against sending books to those with conditions, you'll feel different when you get crap books and continue to get crap books after paying money out of your pocket for your credits. I've paid for more of my credits than I've gotten for trading books. I've gotten water damaged books, books with pages coming out, tears on the cover and writing in the books. None of those books even met PBS conditions. I've only gotten three smokey books but they were so bad they had to be put in a ziplock bag with a bar of soap and forgotten about for weeks. It may be a used book site but it does have rules and everyone on here wants to get the books that meet the rules. Some for their own reason want books about the lowest guidelines so they can keep them. If I get a book not meeting the rules I don't send on to someone else just because I got it that way from here. Some people are very lucky and haven't gotten the crap books, but those who do know exactly what I'm talking about. I requested one for my husband and he looked at it and threw it in the trash, said he wasn't about to lie down in bed at night with that nasty book.

L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 8/14/2007 9:07 PM ET
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I agree with Sherry. :)

I also would suggest that you soften your your conditions a bit.  As written, they seem awfully demanding.

if someone doesn't want to send me books because Ihave a condition, that's fine with me.  I'd rather be declined than get another liquid stained or moldy book.


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Date Posted: 8/14/2007 9:31 PM ET
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Conditions that don't involve allergies kind of irk me too - as a couple have said, this is a used book site and perfection in every case is not going to be found. Follow the PBS conditions, which many don't, and I'm fine. I like nice books too but if I'm looking to stock a home library then I'll go buy them new.

So it's not the resellers that concern me, it's the fact that so many of us accept what we get and as long as we're within PBS guidelines, we're happy. Others want a "like new" book with all their above-and-beyond conditions met every single time and I think it defies what this site is all about - USED books to be enjoyed and shared.

But, since people are allowed to put conditions, I live with those, and many times I will cancel an order because I won't send to someone that 1) requotes PBS conditions or 2) has so many I get tired reading them or 3) words them in a snotty way. I've received my fair share of books that don't meet the guidelines and I detest liquid stained books but it's all part of trading on the Web, IMHO. If I was THAT concerned I have some wonderful bookstores I could buy from, some used stores I can peruse before buying as well as my large, ever-rotating FOL "store" at the library in my city.

My suggestion to the OP, and it hasn't been mentioned many might not agree with me, is use another means or site to stock your home library other than a used book site. IMHO, this place is for fun and enjoyment, not to receive the ultimate perfect book for a collector or home library. But that's just my way of thinking.

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Date Posted: 8/14/2007 11:06 PM ET
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Date Posted: 8/15/2007 12:08 AM ET
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So when I get a request from those that state this is a Used book site and you should not try to get nice books should I A) reject the request outright because the book is in too good of condition for that user's view of the site or B) drag it around behind my car for a few miles down a gravel road to make it look used enough for them? <whistles innocently>

L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 8/15/2007 7:28 AM ET
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LOL@ Anthony. :D

I have sometimes wondered if people who parrot "It's a used books site!" habitually send out crappy books.  <Hummmm....>.

Most of the used books I have are in excellent condition, regardless of the source.  Do I expect the same every time I order from PBS?  Of course not!  All I expect are books that meet posting guidelines.  But the truth is, many, many used books are in excellent condition.  "Used" does not necessarily mean "slightly damaged".  I don't have a problem if people want to ask for nicer books.  It's their right, just as it's my right to turn them down.  Neither hurts anyone, really.  Despite the impression one gets sometimes when reading these forums, no one is going to die if they can't send or receive a book.  In all the trading I have done I think I have only encountered such requests maybe 3 times.....and I only turned down a request once,  because it was too vague. 



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Date Posted: 8/15/2007 7:05 PM ET
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You know, this is a FREE book site.  We're swapping used books with each other.  Personally, if I can read it without it falling apart in my hands I'm ok with it.  If occasionally we get a book that doesn't measure up, it's really no big loss, is it? 

I understand that others have more stringent criteria than I do, and I don't have a problem with that.  But, as a newbie to this site, I'm just excited to be able to swap books!

Date Posted: 8/15/2007 7:17 PM ET
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It's not that I mind having a book that I can't repost - what I mind is some people refuse to follow the simple guidelines PBS sets down for us.   I have no conditions - just send me books that have been well read, well loved AND meet the PBS guidelines!   AND I have to say - most of the books I've recieved have MORE than met the miniumum guidelines.

L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 8/15/2007 7:36 PM ET
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The books we trade here aren't free.  They have some inherent intial cost, plus wrapping, postage, and the time associated to do it all.  The current price of a credit is $3.45.  I certainly don't want to receive books that are of less value than that.

Date Posted: 8/15/2007 7:41 PM ET
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As one who said its a used book site. No..I do not send out crap books infact i feel most of my books..are close to new. not all but most. but..its still a used book site.