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W. C. Tuttle (11 November 1883 – 6 June 1969) was an American writer who sold more than 1000 magazine stories and dozens of novels, almost all of which were westerns.Tuttle wrote mainly for pulp magazines such as Argosy, Adventure and Street & Smith’s Western Story Magazine His best known character was Hashknife Hartley, who along with his friend Sleepy Stevens, served as unofficial detectives solving crimes on the ranches where they worked as cowboys. He was also a screenwriter of the silent era. He wrote for 52 films between 1915 and 1945.

A semi-pro baseball player in his youth, Tuttle served as President of the Pacific Coast Baseball League 1935-1943.

He was born in Montana and died in Los Angeles County, California.

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Total Books: 49
The Sheriff of Tonto Town The Complete Tales of Sheriff Henry Volume 2
2018 - The Sheriff of Tonto Town the Complete Tales of Sheriff Henry Volume 2 [The Argosy Library] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781618273697
ISBN-10: 1618273698
Genre: Literature & Fiction

The Sherlock of Sageland The Complete Tales of Sheriff Henry Volume 1
2015 - The Sherlock of Sageland the Complete Tales of Sheriff Henry Volume 1 [The Argosy Library] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781618271907
ISBN-10: 1618271903
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Hashknife of the Double Bar 8
2005 - Hashknife of the Double Bar 8 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781417926763
ISBN-10: 1417926767

Tumbling River Range
2005 - Tumbling River Range (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781419163920
ISBN-10: 1419163922

Hidden Blood
1992 - Hidden Blood [Curley Large Print Books] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780792711476
ISBN-10: 0792711475
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Greenhorn Trail
1976 - Greenhorn Trail [A Fontana western] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006143857
ISBN-10: 0006143857

Diamond Hitch
1974 - Diamond Hitch (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006135500
ISBN-10: 0006135501

Stockade (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006117988
ISBN-10: 0006117988

Buckshot Range
Buckshot Range (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006119173
ISBN-10: 0006119174

Wolf Creek Valley
Wolf Creek Valley (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006128366
ISBN-10: 000612836X

Renegade Sheriff
Renegade Sheriff (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006129974
ISBN-10: 0006129978

Straws in the Wind
Straws in the Wind (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006136033
ISBN-10: 0006136036

The lone wolf
The Lone Wolf (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006147954
ISBN-10: 000614795X

King of Blue Grass Valley
King of Blue Grass Valley (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780006148395
ISBN-10: 0006148395

Silver buckshot
Silver Buckshot (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780450000973
ISBN-10: 0450000974

Arizona Drifters
Arizona Drifters [Linford Western Library] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780708965238
ISBN-10: 0708965237

The Keeper of Red Horse Pass
The Keeper of Red Horse Pass [Gunsmoke Westerns Series] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780745145112
ISBN-10: 0745145116
Genre: Literature & Fiction

The Santa Dolores Stage A Story of Hashknife Hartley
The Santa Dolores Stage a Story of Hashknife Hartley [Sagebrush Westerns] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780753180150
ISBN-10: 0753180154

The Medicine-man a Hashknife Story [Curley Large Print Books] (Hardcover)
Mystery at the Jhc Ranch [Curley Large Print Books] (Paperback)
Trail of Deceit [Atlantic large print] (Paperback)
The Unlawful Trail
The Unlawful Trail (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781555045197
ISBN-10: 1555045197

Bluffer's Luck
Bluffer's Luck [Curley Large Print Books] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781555046088
ISBN-10: 1555046088