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Topic: When you recieve a WL'd book ...

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Subject: When you recieve a WL'd book ...
Date Posted: 4/11/2009 9:52 PM ET
Member Since: 3/12/2009
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Do you tend to read it right away so you can get it posted again?  Or do you just read it when you get around to it?

I read the book as soon as I finished the book I was reading at the time.  Though I have a friend that wants to read it and then my mom ... so it might be a while till I get it posted again.

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Date Posted: 4/11/2009 9:59 PM ET
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For me, it depends on my credit collection. If I'm low on credits, I'll move books up in my TBR pile so that I can post them for an easy credit. I still have several books that I've purchased and not read yet that I noticed are WL'd. I have 3 credits right now and a few WL books coming up in the next few weeks, so after I read another book or two of my own picking, I'll probably pick up another WL book.

Date Posted: 4/11/2009 11:05 PM ET
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It depends on what I'm in the mood for and if I think it'll stay WL for a while.  If it's a book I know will go quickly from being WL to being heavily posted then I read it right away.  Although I usually tend to not WL those books.

If it's only got 1 or 2 WLers then I'll read it and repost it quickly.  If I'm not in the mood for it then it goes on the pile until I am.

Date Posted: 4/11/2009 11:08 PM ET
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For me, it depends on how badly I want to read the book and how long the WL is.  If it's short, I'll try and read the book quickly to get it back in the system before the WL line is gone.  Sometimes I don't though.  For a longer WL line, I will sometimes read fast to repost.  If it's something I suspect I may keep, then I'll read it when I get to it.

Date Posted: 4/11/2009 11:37 PM ET
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I read what I want to read and never know if they are wishlisted or not.

Date Posted: 4/12/2009 12:21 AM ET
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I'm the same as Cozi....I have a 500+ book TBR and what's wished for or not changes all the time...plus, half the time when you post a wishlisted book, it ends up cycling through a few people before someone really wants it anyway. If I let those little W's dictate what I read, I would end up frustrated....so I learned a long time ago to just read what I want, post it, and go from there. If someone wants it, great! If not, it'll sit on my shelf til someone does. No biggie either way.


Date Posted: 4/12/2009 12:54 AM ET
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I, too, have given up on reading WL'd books.  Most  (not all) of mine are WL'd at different times.  So I take my time and read the ones I want.  I do have a couple of short books I'm thinking I might read just to get them posted since there is a WL for them.  I have a lot of WL'd books in my TBR so picking one is tough.


Date Posted: 4/12/2009 9:46 AM ET
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For me, it depends on if it's one I wanted to keep, what sort of reading mood I am in, and if I need to mail it for a game.  I generally do not read something just to post it quicker to FIFO.

Date Posted: 4/12/2009 10:10 AM ET
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When I feel like it!

Date Posted: 4/12/2009 10:52 AM ET
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I never pay attention to what is wish listed or not. My decision on whether or not to relist them depends on how much I like them. I like to keep books I really like because I know I'll eventually reread them.

Date Posted: 4/12/2009 11:21 AM ET
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I hadn't paid too much attention to what is wish listed on my TBR list. I usually go for whatever mood I'm in. If I was waiting for a long time for a wish list book and I really wanted to read it, I would probably jump right in as soon as I finished my current book.

Date Posted: 4/12/2009 12:15 PM ET
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It depends on how many credits I have. If I am low (like right now) I'll read the wl book first. I am doing that right now. I hope to finish it today so it can get into the system tonight.