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Book Reviews of White Mountain

White Mountain
White Mountain
Author: Dinah McCall
ISBN-13: 9781551668949
ISBN-10: 1551668947
Publication Date: 4/1/2002
Pages: 384
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 128 ratings
Publisher: Mira
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2
First time I've read this author and highly recommen here. Great book full of drama, suspense and just a little romance.
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Helpful Score: 2
Very good medical thriller.
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Helpful Score: 2
Intense, fast-paced, and cleverly crafted, this engrossing tale...will appeal to those who like their contemporary romances on the chilling side.
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Helpful Score: 1
Could not put this one down
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Helpful Score: 1
This book annoyed me. Granted, there is a formula to the books in the Mira Romantic Suspense line, but this was too much, even for them.

McCall picks up characters for no reason, gets you into their head for a moment, and drops them like hot potatoes scattered from Brighton Beach to the town under White Mountain. Once they've served their purpose and move the plot along (the cop in Queens, the thieves in Italy), she never feels the need to even give them another moment. That would be fine if she hadn't brought you deeper than necessary in the first place. With others (the couple in Queens), you never quite feel like you know or care enough about them for the (supposed) emotional payoff at the end. Same goes for all of Isabella's "uncles." By the end, I still didn't know who was who.

As for the "mystery," I knew the answer to that almost immediately--she just about hit us over the head with hints to that, which she did explain at the end, but no hints as to why the precipitating event (murder/botched kidnapping) happened to begin with! We are still at a loss, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Back to character development for a moment. Why do Jack and Isabella fall in love? He sees a painting and she sees an unattached male with whom she didn't grow up. There has to be more, you say? So do I, but we're not privy to it. I was also offended that Jack decides to keep some very crucial information about Isabella from her forever; this just adds to my lack of respect for his lack of respect for her as an adult. Yes, it would be hard to hear, but she deserves to know the truth. Or, I should say that she would deserve to know the truth if the author had written her with any kind of self-respect. The woman NEVER stands up for herself, even when crimes are committed against her. She just moans and faints and leans on whatever male is handy. Yes, I understand she was raised by eight older and old-fashioned men, but come on, even when she says she's breaking out of her shell, it is more like knocking on the shell from the inside, and asking for Jack to break it down for her. Ugh.
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Helpful Score: 1
This is my favorite Dinah McCall book. I thought it was really good.
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Helpful Score: 1
I enjoyed this book very much. i had a hard time putting it down.
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Helpful Score: 1
Good read. Also writes as Sharon Sala. Mystery about what seven? old men who run a fertility clinic are hiding. FBI agent investigates and falls for their foster daughter.
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Retired Braden, Montana botanist Frank Walton comes to Brooklyn to smell the Brighton Beach Little Russia neighborhood a reminder of his homeland. He needs this because he knows he is dying from cancer. However, someone recognizes him as Vaclav Waller, a Russian Nobel Prize nominee, who died in a plane crash in 1970. Threatened to be returned to Moscow, Frank chooses death.

The FBI cannot understand how a Russian supposedly dead thirty years is a modern day murder victim. FBI agent Jack Dolan travels to Braden, Montana, the last known address of the victim, to ferret out the truth. In the remote small town a very popular, extremely successful fertility clinic services people from all over. The local boardinghouse owned and operated by Isabella Abbott caters mostly to clinic visitors, employers, and patients. Jack and Isabella share the magnetism that draws them towards each other even at their first encounter. Still, the Fed wonders how she is involved in the secrets of a person who died twice and the sensational accomplishments of the clinic run by her family and friends?

WHITE MOUNTAIN is an exciting romantic intrigue that starts off at a high level of tension and just keeps rising until the tale is finished. The story line is fast-paced whether its in Brooklyn or Braden. The lead couple is a delight and the support cast brings out Brighten Beach and Big Sky country so that readers will believe they have been to both while perusing Dinah McCall's taut thriller
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I really liked this book. Unpreditable storyline. Good charactors.
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A dead man is found in an alley in NYC. But when his fingerprints belong to a Russian doctor who died over 30 years ago, FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to the victim's last known address in Montana. Jack's arrival at Abbott House is a pleasant surprise for owner Isabella Abbott. Most of her guests are couples seeking help from the fertility clinic, not handsome single men.

This book was a quick read. I never really felt the love between Jack & Isabella. She just seemed to young and naive for him. She also cries and faints at the drop of the hat. I don't know what he sees in her. The mystery was kind of interesting, but very over-the-top. My rating: 3 Stars.
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When Frank Walton, a Russian scientist who supposedly died in a plane crash 30 years earlier, is found murdered in an alley in Brighton Beach, N.Y., FBI agent Jack Dolan is instructed to poke around Braden, Mont., Walton's former residence, for clues to the man's past. Upon his arrival, Jack learns that Walton is survived by his "niece," the beautiful Isabella Abbott. Isabella runs an inn which houses couples seeking help at the famous White Mountain fertility clinic, run by her other "uncles," who are really just friends of her late father who helped raise her. As Jack begins to peel away the layers of secrecy that surround Walton's death, the fertility clinic and Isabella's uncles, his affection for Isabella, as well as his fear for her safety, intensifies. The pace picks up when the ex-KGB agent who killed Walton devises a plan to abduct Isabella and set himself up for life. The intimate encounters between Isabella and Jack are a welcome counterpoint to the action, and McCall (Storm Warning) skillfully keeps the reader guessing about the outcome of their relationship and the secrets of White Mountain until the novel's end. The weak point of the story is Isabella, who is little more than a modern day damsel-in-distress, but fast-paced action and a well-rounded hero more than compensate
Loreli avatar reviewed White Mountain on + 52 more book reviews
I Love anything written by Dinah McCall/Sharon Sala. She writes a great romantic suspense novel.
Wildflower avatar reviewed White Mountain on + 126 more book reviews
Is there a bad Dinah McCall/ Sharaon Sala book out there? I have yet to find one.
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I really liked this one - never read her before.
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Very good mystery
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Romance, drama, and a peek into interesting scientific experimentation.
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Why do the fingerprints of a recent murder victim in New York City belong to a man who has been dead for over thirty years? To find out, FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to the victim's last known address: a boardinghouse in Braden, Montana.
Most of the guests at Abbott House are couples seeking help from the fertility clinic run by a team of dedicated doctors. So Jack's arrival is a pleasant surprise for own Isabella Abbott, who finds herself wrestling with feelings she's never had before. Jack, too, shares the powerful connection, and is all too aware of the danger of letting personal desires get in the way of an investigation.
He suspects someone ruthless is lurking in the shadows -- someone with orders to kill. But what secrets are worth dying for in this peaceful place that offers miracles to desperate couples? And is Isabella part of the savage mystery that surrounds White Mountain?
But the more Jack learns, the more he understands why the secrets of White Mountain must be kept hidden. At all costs.
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Old sins die hard.....the finger prints are those of a man that has been dead for over thirty years?
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Excellent read; a recent murder victim is found to have been dead for thirty years and the trail leads to a group of fertility doctors and the young woman they are trying to protect.
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another good book..
nap76 avatar reviewed White Mountain on + 124 more book reviews
very good book...some of the corners have been snipped off..just a little amount.