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The Eclectic Pen - Who am I?

By: Lena S. (SquirrelNutkin)   + 7 more  
Date Submitted: 12/2/2008
Last Updated: 12/2/2008
Words: 89

  My feelings and thoughts are like a jumble in a bag.
Unidentified like mismatched socks they tumble around and around.
To sort them each to its compartment, each in its place,
would relief than come to me?
The ever growing feeling of unfinished business. I run from room to room
of my mind trying to tuck away the strays before the company appears.
Everything neat and orderly. No unkempt feelings here. No they are all folded and neatly placed. Come in, come in.The smile is placed and I am ready to receive guests.

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Marta J. (booksnob) - 12/2/2008 9:01 AM ET
I've come to work this morning after having experienced a particularly difficult night before, feeling very, very much exactly like you expressed in your powerful verse. In my brief pre-work moments, which I'm using to compose myself and find an acceptable public persona, I found your piece. I want to thank you for helping me feel less alone right now and able to get out there and be compassionate for my ill patients.
Eva L. (wearetrees) - 12/2/2008 12:36 PM ET
We are so human, Lena. We are always in this process of "tucking away" and "tidying" our lives. Your thoughts and emotions should be the guests - invite them to sit for a while and talk or be silent. Give them their space. This piece is tender and provocative - when will these other parts of you have their time to be seen?
Linda H. (CleoAuthor) - 12/9/2008 1:46 PM ET
This is very eloquent -- and strikes a loud clang of familiarity. I experience those exact feelings often. Beautifully stated. And I love your name, Lena. That's the name of my main character in my newest novel. Cleo
Sophira B. (sophiraness) - 12/12/2008 4:20 PM ET
its funny that your poem title reflects something different than the words in a way. i think the title gives a deeper meaning and question to your work - do our thoughts reflect who we are, or is it the act of hiding the mess of our mind that makes us ask this question? youve given me something to think about. Starkingly simple and powerful piece.
Comments 1 to 4 of 4