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The Eclectic Pen - Why I Love Horror

By: Jessi H. (willpowered)   + 3 more  
Date Submitted: 3/4/2007
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 567

  My Love, you are no Villian,
To make me fear for my life,
No spook to shock me into a fit.
And yet, I do, when under your hand
Remember fondly the closeness of Death,
Your ways can often bring me to tears,
make me scream.

You do not catch me innocent,
Strap me to your altar
Not feed me to,
Nor eat me,
As a Hellspawn, Goblin nor Ghoul.
Yet, Love, with heart, hand and head,
You grasp my very soul.

My Love, youíre not a Vampire,
Iím not prey on your sinister Hunt.
You are no wolf that chase me,
But, my love, you do set my pulse to pound
My blood to race.

You do not find me all alone
On a cold and desolate stretch
Of deep and forbidding night
Defenseless beneath a naked sky.
I do quake sometimes, though, I shiver
When I think of you,
Sometimes, too, when you touch me,
And think it no disgrace.

And that is why I love horror.

II. What I really meant to say
was that
I donít really think youíll
Kill me, Love,
But I do desire from you a ďlittle deathĒ.

And I am not so innocent
That what you do defiles me,
Though I may pretend.
I want you to hunger for what I offer,
and want me,
all of me completely to yourself.

My Love,
You do not suck.
And I am not running away.
You excite me.

I am not lonely. Iím not scared.
Sometimes I think of you to cum.
Sometimes I want you there.
And either way is sometimes good.
Even better than good horror-

And that is why I love horror.

III. But to put it more simplyÖ

When the lights go down,
And my clothes are off,
And I close my eyes,
I open my arms, myself to you,
I am completely vulnerable.

Because with all you know about me,
That no one else knows about me:
All about my under things
And all my passwords
You donít hurt me,
But you could.

And even if I hide some things,
Make up new passwords,
You could still get me,
hurt me, break me inside.

I want you to be able to.

But if Iím afraid sometimes,
Thatís why.
And if I cry my relief sometimes
Thatís why.

Because all that Iíve entrusted to you,
Could be shattered.
You could betray me.
And all that I fear, could happen,
If you change your mind.

But if I ran away, I want you to follow.
And if I succumb, I want you to feast.
I want you to want to
glut yourself and be full of meÖ
Even though you know so much.

I want to live and die by you.

And that is why I love horror.


And that is why
we wonít be using

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