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The Eclectic Pen - Wick House: Choose Their Fate, Pt 2 (WIP)

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 10/5/2009
Last Updated: 5/31/2011
Genre: Horror » General
Words: 905

  WICK HOUSE: CHOOSE THEIR FATE, PT2 (WIP)(Edit 1) Jesse, thanks for choosing their fate, here goes! PM’s comments welcome. I want to hear from YOU!

Cara stepped into the darkened entry way. Sunlight did not even make it into the house. The master stair way could be seen from the door. Leading upstairs and disappearing into the shadows. “Its so dark in here.” BUZZZZ! Cara’s phone rang and she unclipped it from her hip and answered it. “’Lo? Uh-huh. No. When? Ok. See you.”

“What’s up?” Sara asked.

“That was Jacob. Seems Karl came out here to check out the house earlier but hasn’t called to check in and Jacob can’t reach him on his phone.”

“Karl came here alone? Geez what an idiot. He knows better than to travel alone day OR night.” Cara slide her phone open , scrolled contacts, and punched the ON button. She had the phone on speaker. It rang 1, 2, 3, 4 times before clicking on. Ragged breathing filled the speaker. “Karl? Karl! Hello? Heelllo.” Kara held the phone to her ear. She heard a whisper.

“Help me.” Then the phone went dead. Cara and Sara looked at each other and decided they had to get more help. They got their stuff and had Zack helping stay on look-out. He seemed to gain confidence knowing he was their protector. At 10 and scrawny as a baby bird he felt like a weakling but when he fought off those sickos with just a bit of pipe and his wits he felt like Super-Man. Then suddenly he got to where he couldn’t leave the house. Until today.

Once everything was inside Cara went to find the fuse box to hook up the portable generator. It worked by completing the circuit that was cut off in houses without power. In just a few minutes Cara had the power on. BUZZZZ! Sara’s phone rang. “Hello.”

“Hey babe. I am at the gate coming up the driveway. Just letting you know it’s me.” Jacob hung up as he pulled his truck up behind the SUV and grabbed his weapons and party gear. He saw a figure in the window next to the doorway and figured it was Sara peering out. He waved and the figure moved away from the window. Jacob headed for the house and walked up to the door. He heard a rustling and looked to the left, then the right. The bushes were not moving but he was sure he heard something. Shrugging his bag higher on his shoulder he went inside and expected to see Sara right at the door. She wasn’t. “Sara! Hey guys!” There were lights on in the kitchen area and that’s where Jacob headed. He heard voices and knew that’s where his friends were. Sara stood there with here blond hair pulled in a ponytail. Her jean shorts and paisley shirt harkened to an era past. It was her style and Jacob thought it was cute. He walked over to her and planted a sweet kiss on her lips. She released a soft moan and hugged Jacob close to her.

“Hey.” She said, her forehead against his.

“Hey.” Jacob grinned. He was nearly knocked over when Zack bum rushed him and hugged him around his waist. “Hey, whoa there Zack. What’s up guy?” Jacob ruffled his hair. Jacob played as though he was boxing with Zack. “Where’s Cara?”

“Bathroom. She’s changing. W-we called Karl. He’s in trouble. When he picked up the phone all he said was help me.” Sara chewed her nail

“Oh babe. Geez. What is up with that guy. Dude!” Jacob marched over to the front door. Reception was almost dead in the kitchen. He dialed Karl’s number and the other line rang. Immediatley he faintly heard “The Killing Hour”. Karl’s ring tone. He began to walk towards the sound and he heard it again. “Hey Sara! I can hear his ring tone!” Jacob continued to walk towards a door with light shining from around bottom. The ring tone was coming from inside the bathroom. Cara was in the bathroom. Then the phone went to voicemail and the ring tone stopped. Jacob pulled the door open and was about to shout at Karl, why he wasn’t answering his phone.

Karl had his hand wrapped around Cara’s painted throat. Fake blood mixed with her own as his fingers pressed into her skin as if it were rubber. Karl fingers pierced her neck and blood squirted the walls , mirrors and Karl. Karl yanked and the white tube of Cara’s throat was in his hand. He looked at it and then threw it on the floor. Karl twisted her head until the bones in her neck crunched and he severed her head from her neck. He let her dead body fall to the bathroom floor. Blood and gore dripped from Cara’s severed head, her face frozen in a mask of pain and horror. Jacob’s legs were locked in place. He could not move. Karl had transformed. Teeth like a shark, hands hooked with claws. They weren’t just killing and eating people. They were monsters. Karl dropped Cara’s head with a sickening thud and turned towards Jacob. Jacob let out an ear splitting scream.

CHOOSE THEIR FATE: What will happen next. Does Jacob escape? Does Karl go on a killing spree and chew through all his friends? Will there be any survivors? You decide.

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Sky S. (Misa-Misa) - 10/6/2009 1:21 PM ET
Jacob is rooted to the spot in fear, Sara and Zack hear his scream, and run tohim. Karl attacks, and it's up to Zack to save the day. I root for the underdog!
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 10/6/2009 6:47 PM ET
Thanks Sky. Give me a few to see how I can work that angle.
Comments 1 to 2 of 2