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The Eclectic Pen - Wick House: Choose Their Fate, Pt 4 (WIP) END

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 10/7/2009
Last Updated: 5/31/2011
Genre: Horror » General
Words: 1,971

  Here's how it ends. Thanks for choosing their final fate Trombley. PM's comments welcome. [Edit 1]

He slapped his hand over his mouth. Zack could just hear his mother chiding him for using such gutter mouth language. Sara said they were out of town. Who does that anymore? With sickos owning the night and ravaging people on sight, who goes sightseeing anymore?

Zack clutched the bat under his armpit and arm and grabbed the flashlight. It was getting dark enough outside he needed it to make his way without falling. The bright beam was strong enough that Zack was able to see a good distance ahead before having to decide what to do. He huddled against the side of the SUV. His sister drove and therefore should have the keys. He’d have to go in and search her and her stuff. Simple. Easy. Her screams filled his ears again. She sounded like an actor in a horror movie being tortured and killed. But this was real life. Zack swallowed and breathed deeply.

Then he heard it. Tires crunching on gravel. Then headlights sliced the across the lawn, car, and house. Someone was coming!

“So Karl totally flaked and you STILL wanna go to this party he’s throwing?” Mystic was dressed in her usual torn black fishnets, chunky boots, short shorts, white tee and heavy coat. Pale foundation under blood red lips and black shadow eyes. Zero had asked her if it was a good idea even going to Wick House let alone going at night, all night. But she convinced him she’d make it worth his while.

“Just drive.” She answered abruptly. They had a love/hate relationship. She hated she loved him so much. Once they reached the top of the hill and saw the gates wide open and cars parked out front they knew someone was here. Zero parked the car and shut of the lights. Mystic opened her door and grabbed her weapon. “Leave the stuff. Until we check it out.” Zero stood well over 6 foot and was dressed in black. He wore make up similar to Mystic. Not for fashion it just set them apart from everyone else and kept people from wanting get to close. Mystic held the flashlight out in front of her and approached the house. There were lights shining from inside that could be seen from the side window. Mystic tried the knob and it turned. She slowly pushed open the door and entered the house.

The smell of blood and bowels were overwhelming but only made Mystic and Zero more cautious. “We’ll do a general sweep then bounce.” Even if Karl was here death hung thick in the air and they didn’t want to be next. Something clanked against the counter in the other room. Mystic put her finger to her lips. Before she could bring the flashlight forward and make a step something was swung at her and embedded in her arm.

Zero saw Mystic drop the flashlight. The arc of light painted wildly over a bloodied little child. “Hey, stop!” The kid had fashioned a bat-light-mace and could use it with both hands. He was breathing heavily trying to yank the bat out of Mystic.

“Owww! You little bastard!” Mystic, Zero and the kid went towards the only source of light and Zero knew she’d hate him for it but he didn’t care. They had to get moving. He grasped the bat and twisted down and yanked. Mystic screamed and tried aiming her weapon but was to weak with pain. “Li-little bastard.” Zero scanned the room. He saw a bag with clothes and grabbed a t-shirt. Shredding it into strips he tied the bloody wound on Mystic’s arm.

Zero looked over at the kid shaking like a leaf. “S’ok kid. Hey. What’s your name?”

“Zack.” Zack’s eyes were big as saucers and he was trembling. He reminded Zero of his little brother before the sickos got him.

“What are you doing up here by yourself?”

“Not alone. Came with sister and friends. All dead.” Mystic and Zero glanced at each other.

That meant a clean-up. Sickos were people contaminated with a virus. When they died they had to be chopped up and burned to ashes to completely destroy the virus. If you did not contract the virus first hand then you were safe. In the last few months the virus had been mutating.

“That SUV. You know where the keys are?” Zack stared blankly ahead. “Hey kid. Zack. Do you know?” Zack’s lip quivered and tears burned his eyes. He had to man up. He had to.

“My sister has them, I think.” Zero liked the fact that the windows were reinforced on the SUV. He could siphon [if needed] the gas from his car to the SUV and get the hell out of dodge. He couldn’t worry about cleaning-up. It was dark and he didn’t have the proper tools. They could worry about that later.

“Where’s your sister?” Holding back tears Zack just pointed into the darkened living room. Zero had an idea. “Ok. Here’s the plan. Mystic you take Zack back to the car and wait there. I’ll get the keys and do a quick sweep. We might have to deal with a situation here in a bit.” Mystic was already standing. Testing the strength in her arm. “Zack you stay close. Follow Mystic’s lead.”

“Zero. Be careful.” Entering the living room Zero ahead of Mystic and Zack, they split up. The flashlight immediately found the gore and violence that had taken place. A dismembered arm lay in a puddle of congealing blood. The body was hanging from the handrail of the stairs, impaled through the eye. Zero had to tuck the flashlight in his pocket and feel in the jeans of the body. The blood had almost pasted the clothes stiff and Zero yank at the pockets to get his hands inside. He felt both pockets and back pockets as well. No keys.

Zero grabbed the flashlight and turned the beam back on. He noticed there was another light on. Coming from a doorway a few feet from him. He walked towards it while listening for any strange noises. He had to hurry.

The stench of death hit him again and Zero did not need the flashlight to see the mess at his feet. He leaned over and retched adding to the entrails, bits of body parts and splashes of blood. He could almost understand if the sickos killed to eat but they just killed for fun. Not just killed but tortured and fed off fear. Zero gagged again but he knew he had to do it.

Moving the jellied remains with his bare hands, he found the pants. He found a set of keys and stood up breathing through his mouth. He turned and looked in the bathroom. A rubber tube was what he saw first. When he stood up he realized with the throat missing the tube had to be the missing throat. God he had to get this over with. Straddling the body he turned it over and checked the back pockets. The coppery smell of blood was beginning to turn his stomach. The instant he felt the cold metal and sharp teeth of the keys he was relieved. He could leave. He didn’t see any more bodies and he didn’t want to waste anymore time. The crash and splitting of old wood made Zero regret waiting. He wiped the blood from the face of his digital watch. Midnight. It was Halloween.

“He’s taking too long.” Zack knew he was whining but he was getting scared. He wanted to leave. He didn’t have to listen to these people, but he felt bad for whacking the girl. “Mystic. Hey.” She had her head against the window. A light snore buzzed from her nose. “Great.” Zack slumped back and crossed his arms across his chest. He looked towards the house. The full moon caused everything to be cast in negative. Gray, black and white. A shadow lengthened and stretched. Then pulled away from the side of the house. Zack sat up and squinted. The shadow took the shape of a man. It was a man! “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.” Zack unhooked his seat belt and leaned over to the front seat. He honked the horn. He kept honking. He wouldn’t stop until he saw Zero or the shadow got close enough to kill.

After the crash the sound of a stampede seem to shake the floor. Something was coming. Zero took off. He didn’t even use his flashlight the front door wasn’t that far. He felt his foot slide on something that felt spongy like a piece of meat, even through his shoe he felt the texture. Pin wheeling his arms he was able to get his balance. The front door stood open and he heard the horn honking. He armed himself. Something was happening. When he got into the yard he saw the sicko heading for his car. “Stop honking the horn!” Ok, so Zero was a little frazzled. He knew better than to yell. He ran towards the car and caught the sicko from behind. Brains, blood and skull coated the window. The horn stopped. He opened the door. “I need to try the key and start the car. Then. We’re dust.” Zero closed the door and turned to head to the nearest car. The SUV with racing wire windows. Like a black wave of death and horror shadows oozed from around the house. They swarmed and Zero knew they might not make it. He took out the first set of keys, sweat stung his eyes, he blinked and saw and by the light of the moon they did not have the SUV logo on them. The next set did have the famous wings on a shield logo. Suddenly something stood up that was much closer than the rest of the sickos.

Wearing the concert tee he’d last seen his friend wearing Zero almost lost his grip on the keys. “Karl?” Zero didn’t wait for a reply/ The Killing Hour chimed in the background in a macabre soundtrack of terror. Zero engaged the lock and the alarm alerted the doors were unlocked. He had time to close the door and engage the locks again. Remote ignition. Cool. Zero revved the engine put the SUV in drive and wheeled the steering around. He drove in a tight circle around his car and made another sweep. The bodies of the sickos crunched and crumbled under the wheels. Zero bucked in the drivers seat but managed not to wreck. Parking he threw open the door and waved Zack over. He saw that Mystic was passed out in the front seat. He had to grab her and lay her across the backseat.

Once back inside the cab of the SUV he checked the lights. They had almost a full tank. He had not damaged the car running over the sickos. “Let’s get out of here kid.” Zero put the SUV in drive and sped away from their nightmare.

One year later…

“I think they were doing sacrifices their sacrifices came back to life and killed them!” The children yelled and shrieked at the gory tale. The Wick House murders reinvigorated an otherwise dead media outlet. The sickos were old news but these new immortal sickos were legendary. Zero smiled as he heard Zack recounting the stories to the group of kids around him. He embellished but who’s going to discount the orphan that survived the Wick House massacre. Mystic hugged him around the waist and Zero was glad she healed up OK. That night had past but something fierce and deadly was unleashed. Wick House held a secret deep in the basement at should have stayed buried.


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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 10/8/2009 4:50 AM ET
That was a great story and I helped with it! Now I'm inspired to write a "Zombie" story. I wonder what it would take to get kicked off PBS? Is it possible? We'll see...
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 10/8/2009 6:40 AM ET
Be careful what you hope for. Overall it was a great story to write. I had fun.
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