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The Eclectic Pen - On the Wings of Love

By: Rose W. (Doveappeal)   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 1/10/2007
Last Updated: 1/10/2007
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting » Sex
Words: 943

  On the wings of love I would like to fly like a bird that can go anywhere it wants to. Climb to the highest peak it desires. To feel the depths of emotion and passion that only real love can stir withing a human being. The lust that it develops because of its intensity.
Not the kind of lust that happens between only two bodies meeting, but the kind that begins like a trickle and then builds to the point within that every faculty in your mind shuts down and you feel free to love phycally and openly. You even hunger and ache for his touch to the point that if he was to begin to change his mind you would beg down on your hands and knees for just one morsel of his flesh.
You would grab his hand in yours and place it on your heart. Hoping he would notice it's acceleration. An acceleration that only happens when he is near. I've named this place the twilight zone. Only God knows about its existence. If men were to know how to get a woman there. There would be no hope for any of us. We would all drown in our desires, losing our souls and trying to find ourselves again. He holds so much power over me and he doesn't even know.
At this moment he doesn't say anything. He's already won and i need him. I need his entrance into my body. His tender kisses while he holds my face. Why can't he tell how hungry I am. Why can't he notice me drowning, losing my life in the moment he has touched me in. I usually have so much control. My mind is ever helping me to love wisely, but he had done what no man has ever done before. He has accomplished what I thought was impossible. I need to climax and he hasn't even taken my clothes off yet.
But there goes his shirt and I'm looking at his bare chest. Leaning over him, kissing him gently while telling myself that anything above the waist is legal. He reaches out his arm to slow me down causing me to hunger only more. What does he want? My soul? He can have it. I'm no longer in control. As the sounds of me groaning can be heard ever so slightly. These sounds are only the beginning of what the sounds of victory might be. I say might, because their only the beginning tell tale sign that he has won. Can he keep me alive or will this moment grow cold?
Flipping me over on my back he decides to own me. To take control of this moment. To be my master, my lover and my demise. His body on top of mine whilek kissing me and holding my hands in a way that I can't resist makes me have to yield to the rush of emotion his is creating deep inside. Where am I? I've never been here before. I never even knew it existed. I'm lost. Lost in the electricity he is creating. Lost to my own consciousness. It's as if I'm dwelling on a different plane or existence and he will decide weather we go further or not; not me.
He has decided as his hand slides down my body and over my ass. Ever so gently and yet you can feel his need beginning to build also. He strokes and he kisses. I can't get enough as he finally lets go of my hands. I'm relieved because I ache to touch him all over to grab his ass and pull him closer. To wrap my legs around him as if he were a branch I needed to break. I pull him as close as I can but it just isn't enough. We need and I mean to become one. He somehow scences this as he gently pulls my pants off revealing only the scant underwear underneath. You mean I actually wore some? Dam, I think, and hope they will come off soon. They do only seconds after my pants do although it felt like hours to me. Almost clawing at him now because of the nearness of his male part. Why doesn't he claim victory, I wonder? I know, he wants me to go crazy.
He wants to know it's ok. It's mor than ok, I let him know by clamping my hand over him and inviting him in. The look in his eyes says, so your asking me to come? My hand says yes as he slides into my life force. When finsihed he nestles my body as if holding something precious. My arms wrap around him. When can we do this again? I wonder. But it will have to wait. The wait creates the intensity. The zone of lust and his control. He's won.
He's won not only my body but my heart and my soul. Should I feel embarrassed now that I have awaken slightly from the magic. I glance over at him as I watch him slid his pants up packing away for future use that weapon of his.
I go to my knees, rub gently and control the final moment. Or so I think I have as his eyes tell me He won't let me own him. He will stay the victor. Yes I think I will let him win. So another time, another season will happen between the two of us.

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