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The Eclectic Pen - Wolf (another section)

By: Tim S. (rocketfan)  
Date Submitted: 7/13/2008
Genre: Horror » Dark Fantasy
Words: 402

  Returning to the vacant church in downtown Toledo, Raif was well aware that Medina wouldn’t be happy. He couldn’t help himself sometimes when he fed. He was supposed to be searching for the amulet.
Medina was beautiful. A voluptuous woman with raven hair, she was mesmerizing to mortal men and lethal to immortals like him. She could take the life of her closest friends if she felt any trace of betrayal or a chance to rise in power. Raif was also well aware that she already knew what had happened.
“Did you find what you were sent to uncover?” Medina asked. She sounded very annoyed.
“I discovered that a keeper of the amulet did indeed inhabit this area over a hundred years ago,” Raif told her. Before his feeding incident he had been researching the area at the local museums and library. The latter local was where he encountered his prey for the evening. “It seams some of his family still lives in the area.”
“That, I couldn’t find out,” he answered.
“Yes, of course. You were too busy feeding and trying to ruin our plans,” Medina fumed.
“I can only beg for your forgiveness my love and tell you that I surely was not discovered by anyone who could threaten us,” Raif replied.
He used the term my love often when talking with Medina. She was the vampire who created him. He would always love her and she him. But he knew she would also destroy him if he caused her pain.
“You’d better hope not,” Medina said with a hint of malice in her words. “Now come and share with me.”
Raif was powerless to stop himself from going to her. Not that he would try to stop. As he moved to her he felt the fresh blood coursing through him beginning to engorge him.
As he reached her, he tore off his clothing. She waited for him with a hunger in her eyes. He reached her and began to remove her clothes. She was magnificent. Her large breasts heaved up as they entwined. Kissing each other softly at first. Soon they were riding the tides of ecstasy.
Raif laid her down and penetrated her deep. They moved with the rhythm of two partners who knew what each one wanted. At the peak of their pleasure each one sank their fangs into the others neck. Sharing the new blood with the old. Achieving a complete orgasmic experience.

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Stacy B. (stori) - 7/13/2008 4:36 PM ET
WOW!!!!! that was AMAZING story. please keep writing!!!!!! it is nice to have another writer just as good as stephine meyer !!!!!!lLLLLLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDDD it. Please message me when you write another
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 7/19/2008 12:56 PM ET
Another great addtion. Please continue
Comments 1 to 2 of 2