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The Eclectic Pen - Of Wolves and Elves - Snippet 1

By: Rebecca W. (RFredrick475)   + 3 more  
Date Submitted: 3/8/2007
Last Updated: 3/8/2007
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy
Words: 701



The snow swirled in heavy waves around me, and I pulled the fur up to protect my face. I couldn't feel the cold, elves are impervious to most weather, but the pelting of the small flakes still stung. The coat was for modesty alone, it was the first full length item I'd grabbed when the dream woke me and I slid naked out of bed. To him it was a dream, part of me knew that, but the scene before me unfolded like a vision, a walking, talking vision of the past, and of things to come. I hoped. The courtyard should have blocked the wind, but regardless, it didn't affect Logan because he wasn't really there. He stood to one side, wearing faded jeans and nothing else, his chest bare, his dark hair tousled from sleep, everything about him still amid the swirling snow.

Silently and remaining hidden in the shadows, I moved forward into the courtyard so I could see the vision I knew he was watching. Gabriel stood at the castle's entrance, watching a much younger me approach him across the yard. Several of his men stood around us, his guard in wolf form just to his left, but neither of us noticed them. I remembered the moment well, the shock of finding him, the feel of his voice in my mind, the thrill of looking at him. He had been an alpha werewolf in his prime, mid-fifties but appearing twenty years younger, physically fit and imposing, towering over my slender 5'10" frame. I was tall for a woman and an elf, the bright red of my hair shining in the sun, in a time when I'd had no need to hide my appearance. In the vision, I knelt before him as was proper at our first meeting, head bowed in submission. His hand caressed my hair and slid down my neck, my cue to bare my throat to him, face cast to the side. His hand slid to my throat, holding me as one wolf would dominate another, and at the touch of his skin, I began to glow that soft golden light that only my alpha werewolf could elicit at his touch. A low growl of pleasure filled his throat and I finally met his eyes, rising to stand before him. His hand stayed on my throat as he bent forward and kissed me, a chaste touch of his lips on mine that felt anything but chaste.

"Jenna." His voice had rumbled against my skin.

"Gabriel." Mine was softer, without the touch of wolf behind it. And then he'd ushered me into his castle with an arm about my shoulders. The ritual was complete; there was no doubt among us. He was my alpha, I was his elf.

The vision paled and I stepped towards Logan's figure. Not him, really, just a figment of his dream-self. I'd never met an alpha who could project themselves this way, it was a new situation and I wasn't sure what protocol to follow. His eyes were already on me as I separated from the shadows and I hesitated under that gaze. If this was our first meeting, I'd greet him the same way the vision me had first greeted Gabriel. And while this wasn't really Logan, I felt his intense presence strongly and it made me uncertain how to continue. I chose propriety and kept my head bent as I kneeled at his feet in submission. His hand touched my hair, hesitating before he copied the ritual he'd just watched and wrapped strong fingers gently around my upturned throat. His eyes were fastened on the glow of my skin as I stood, his expression fathomless as he bent his head to kiss me. His lips touched mine with no hint of warmth or emotion.

"Jenna?" His was the hint of a question.

"Logan." Mine wasn't. I was determined. "Please provide me Sanctuary." I watched his eyes as I asked, for any sign of hesitation.

"Of course." His response was immediate and my relief was so great, I would have kissed him again, had he not faded completely and left me standing in an empty Scottish courtyard, talking to myself.

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Samantha W. (Amsamfa) - 3/9/2007 3:57 AM ET
I'm hooked... keep going. :-)
Beverly D. (Brezybev) - 3/17/2007 4:24 AM ET
Hi Rebecca, I loved your story. I almost felt like I was there too. I think you have real talent. Keep up the good work! I have only one suggestion. You wrote "there was no doubt among us" when it should have been "between us"instead. Among is used when there is more than two people involved, otherwise terrific work. Bev
Comments 1 to 2 of 2