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The Eclectic Pen - Yard Work

By: Tally R.   + 15 more  
Date Submitted: 6/16/2010
Words: 388


"Hello Mr. Carrier!" Jared stepped into a garage, where the man inside was was stooped over and sorting through a lower drawer.
Jared cleared his throat, "Hello," he said again, "Is Christina here?"
Mr. Carrier made a groaning croak, "What?" he looked up, hitting his head on the open drawer above him. He quickly ducked back below and muttered some words he wouldn't want his wife hearing. Then, rubbing his head he stood and turned to Jared.
"I- oh- That happens in cartoons so much, I should have know to close that d-"
'Is Christina here?" Jared smiled.
"Oh!" Mr. Carrier gave him a sneaky look, "Sure, sure she's here." He said winking at Jared, "Yes, um, she must be out in the yard with Jason."
Jared frowned. He and Christina's brother did not get along so nicely, "Well, okay. Thank you."
Before Jared could turn and go Mr. Carrier stopped him, "Hold on there, will you help me out?"
"Of course," Jared shoved his hands in his pockets and walked over to the fumbling man. Next to him was a 1947 classic Cadillac Convertible. It looked like Mr. Carrier had just cleaned it, because Jared could not find one speck of dust on its slick surface.
"Nice car..." Jared gazed at it for a while then turned back to help to old man.
"Will you take this out to the yard for me?" Mr. Carrier dropped a large, heavy tool into his arms.
"Um, what do you need an ax for, Mr. Carrier?"
He chuckled, "Just chopping down some trees in the back. And don't call me 'Mr. Carrier'... it makes me feel old."
Nodding, Jared turned and headed for the gate to the back yard. Somehow he managed to open the gate while still holding the precious tool Mr. Carrier had trusted him with.
"Jared?" Christina's loud voice surprised him, causing him to nearly drop the ax. Jared grasped the handle tightly and set it on the outdoor table.
Then he turned to Christina, "Uh, hey!"
"Sorry if I scared you." She blushed, "Is my dad making you help with the yard work?"
Jared smiled, "Yah, but only if I attack a pretty lady with an ax first."
"Better get to it then." Christina's bubbly laugh filled Jared's ear.
"Well... I, uh," Jared pointed back to the gate, "Maybe I should get back to your dad for instructions?"

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Michal W. (Princess101) - 6/17/2010 1:45 PM ET
nice! keep up the good work!
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