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Book List Import Bookmark

introduced May 2007. Location changed 4/22/2009.

What is it?

  • A bookmark that you can click to import ISBNs from any Webpage you are on (PBS or non-PBS)
  • If you are on a webpage that contains ISBNs, click the Book List Import Bookmark in your browser and you can choose from the list of available ISBNs on that page, and choose which PBS list in your account to which to import them
    • You can import to your Bookshelf, Wish List, Reminder List, Books I've Read List, and TBR Pile.
    • You can import one ISBN or many at a time.

Why use it?

  • It makes adding a book to a PBS list much easier!
  • For example, if you are on a site and you see that there is a book you would like to put on your Wish List, you can simply click the Book List Import bookmark and you can choose that book, then choose to place it on your Wish List.
    • You do not have to copy-paste the book information and go back to the PBS site to paste it into the Search there
    • You can import whole lists-- add multiple items to your PBS lists from other sites (ie, your Amazon Wish List) with just a few clicks!

How to Use it:

  • Click the Member Tools link at the bottom of any page on the site.
  • Click the Book List Import Bookmark, and then
      • Choose "Add to Favorites..."
    • If you receive a warning stating "You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?" click "Yes". This favorite is safe to use.
    • You can also click and drag the links onto your favorites/bookmarks toolbar to add them there.
  • After you have done this, if you are on another site and see a book you want to add to a list in your PBS account:
    • Click the Book List Import bookmark in your browser
    • A list of available ISBNs and book titles from that page information will show
    • Click to place a checkmark beside any item you would like to import
    • The next screen will ask you into which list you would like to import the items--choose the list
    • You are done!  The items will have been imported to the PBS List you chose.

Note: if you use this to import books into your Bookshelf, please be SURE that the book information on each listing matches the book you have.  The author, title, ISBN and booktype must ALL match.  cover image and other information do NOT have to match.