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Help Center - Do I have to check email every day to belong to PaperBackSwap?

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A working email account is crucial to PaperBackSwap membership; however, you do NOT have to check your email every day.

Some PBS emails are time-sensitive:

  • To notify you of requests to your bookshelf (you have 5 days to respond)
  • To remind you to mark your outgoing books mailed before the deadline so that the transactions are not canceled (this reminder is sent very early in the morning of the deadline day) 
  • To notify you when books you have Wish Listed have become available for you to order (you have 48 hours to respond)
  • You can "opt out" of many types of PBS auto-emails in the Account Settings.  We do understand that multiple emails can be annoying.   We've tried to strike a balance, and streamline the system so that our members' email inboxes will not be deluged with PBS email.


  • You will need to log into your account or check your email once every 5 days if your books are listed as "available" to ensure that you don't miss a book request.
    • Senders have 5 days to respond to a request; after that, the transaction is canceled, and the book is removed from your bookshelf.
    • If you will not be able to check your email during an upcoming 5-day period, you can use the Vacation/Hold feature to make your books temporarily "unavailable"; this will put your bookshelf on hold and prevent incoming requests.
  • If you use the Wish List feature and do not wish to miss a Wish List book offer, you will need to log into your account or check your email at least once in each 48 hours. 
    • Wish List offers sent by email 'time out' after 48 hours.
    • You never know when a Wish List book will become available! If you will not be checking your email at least once within each 48 hours, you can set your Wish List books to auto-request, so that they are ordered by your account automatically when they become available, as long as you have credits in your account to request them.
    • The Vacation/Hold feature also puts your Wish List on hold, during periods when you do not have credits or will not be able to respond to email Wish List offers,  but do not wish to lose your place in the Wish List queue for a book.

If you delete a PBS email by mistake and want to Review it, copies of all recent communications are accessible from your account. There is a link to this file at the top of the My Account page: click Club Communications in the yellow bar at the top of the My Account page.



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