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  • Are you entering the correct information on the Login page?

    • You need to enter your ENTIRE email address (the one at which you receive PBS emails) in the space for "email" on the Member Login page?  Entering only part of the email address in that space is a common error.  
  • Are you on the correct page?

    • You need to be on the "login" page to log in, not the "sign up" page. 

      The "sign up" page is the page on which you create an account.  If you have already registered, you can access your account by clicking Log in at the top of the page, and entering your login information in the spaces, then clicking Log In.

For more help with login problems, see below.


To log in to PBS:

  • Go to the PBS Homepage  at www.paperbackswap.com
  • Click the Login link on the very top right of the page or in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the site.
  • Enter  your login information:
    • In the space for User Email/Password you can enter either:
      • your entire PBS User Email (the entire email address at which you receive emails from PBS)
      • your PBS Nickname (if you have chosen one)
  • In the space for Password:
    • enter your PBS password
  • Click

If you are unable to log in from the Member Login page, read on:

If the login page resets and clears your login information:

Are you using an old version of your browser?  Old browsers can "age out" of usefulness - for security reasons alone you should always keep your browser updated.

  • You should update your browser - consider downloading and using Firefox
    • Firefox is a very stable, FREE browser available here.
    • Firefox is the browser of choice for PaperBackSwap
  • You can get IE updates here.
  • You can get Firefox for Windows here.
  • You can get Firefox for Mac here.
  • After you download the new browser:
    • Double-click its icon to open it
      • you can import the bookmarks from your other browser if you are switching from another browser to Firefox: click Yes when this is offered
    • Go to the homepage at www.paperbackswap.com and click Login at the top right
    • Enter your login information in the appropriate spaces and click

If you get a message that you need to accept cookies:

You will need to set your browser to accept cookies. Cookies are pieces of information stored by websites onto your computer. They are used to remember login information and other data.

  • To enable cookies if you are using FireFox:
  1. Click Firefox in your toolbar
  2. Choose Preferences
  3. Click Privacy in the menu on the box that comes up
  4. Choose the tab for Cookies
  5. Click "Allow sites to set cookies" (you can choose exceptions if you like)
  6. Click OK.
  • To enable cookies if you are using Internet Explorer:
  1. From the Tools menu, click Internet Options
  2. From the Privacy tab, click Advanced
  3. Click to select "override automatic cookie handling" and "always allow session cookies"
  4. Click OK

If you have forgotten your password:

  • Click "lost Your Password?" on the Member Login Page. The system will ask you for the "security answer" for your account  (you chose this when you registered). What you enter must match exactly (including any abbreviations or punctuation) what you entered for your security answer when you set that up.

    • If you provide the correct security answer, this will reset your password to a temporary password.
    • You will be sent an email from PBS containing your current login information (both User Email and the temporary password).
      • If you do not receive this email in your inbox, check your "spam" folder.  It sometimes goes there.
    • When you get the email, use the login information to log in:
      • You will immediately be taken to the Change Password page
      • Enter the temporary password in the space for "current password"
      • Enter whatever you choose for your new password in the second space
      • Click Update Password
    • After doing this, your password will not change until/unless you change it again.
  • If you don't remember your Security Answer, please contact us using the "feedback" link on the Contact Us page, and we'll help.

If you cannot get the site to "remember you", even though you have checked the "remember me" box on the Member Login page:

  • You need to adjust your browser's frequency of clearing cookies.
  • Cookies are what allow your browser to "remember you"
  • If your browser is set to clear out cookies every day, the "remember me" function won't work.
  • You can do adjust the frequency of cookie-clearing:
    • in the Preferences:Privacy:Cookies menu for FireFox
    • in the Tools:Internet Options menu for Internet Explorer.

If none of the above solves your login problem, please use the Feedback button on the Contact Us page immediately after a login attempt to send us a message:

  • in your message, please describe what happened when you tried to log in
  • Please use the feedback button immediately after trying to log in: scroll down the page, click Contact Us, then click Feedback at the top of the Contact Us page.  Don't close your browser or navigate to another page before doing this.  We can see a lot more information if you send in feedback than if you use email, and this will allow us to help you solve your login problem!


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