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Help Center - More Wish List upgrades - Wish expander, Options button, new Sort choices

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upgrades effective 11/3/2009.

Options button at top of Wish LIst: This allows you to set defaults for your Wish List.  Click the Options button at the top right of the Wish List to see the options menu drop down.  Currently two customizable defaults are available: (1) set wish to auto-request when you add a book to the Wish List; and (2) Use the Wish Expander when wishing for a book, to browse all alternate versions of a book and add any or all to your Wish LIst from the Expander page.   To hide the Options menu when you are finished making changes, just click the Options button again.

Auto-request On and Auto-Request Off are now buttons at the top of the Wish List.  This will allow you to set multiple items to AR at once: just click to place a checkmark next to the item(s) whose auto-request setting(s) you want to change, and click Auto-Request On or Auto-Request Off at the top of the list to change the settings on all of the checked items.

Wish Expander:  This feature will help you "expand" your wish for a book, so that you can easily add wishes for all versions you would want (and possibly get the book faster), or even find you an available copy of the book if there is one.  The Wish Expander is a page that comes up when you click +Wish on any currently-unavailable book.  You can also get to the Wish Expander by clicking the Expand button on any item on your Wish List.   This feature is intended to help members get the books they want more easily, and to make sure that all versions of a book are shown to a member who is seeking a particular title.

Things to know about the Wish Expander: 

  • To activate the Wish Expander:  click Options at the top of your Wish List, and then check the second box (like this:  Show me alternate versions when I wish for a book. )  The next time you click +Wish on a book listing you will be taken to the expander page.
    • You can expand your wish for existing Wishes if you like, whether or not the expander has been activated in your account.  Just click the  "Expand Wish" button on the right of any item already on your Wish LIst.
    • If an item on your Wish List does not have an Expand button on it, that means that EITHER you have already expanded that wish to include all versions OR the book has no known alternate versions in our database.)
  • On the Wish Expander page, you can filter by booktype: choose only audio, only Large Print, or exclude either or both of those.  You do not have to use these filters - the default is to show all versions.
    • If there is an AVAILABLE copy of the book it will show as available with the "Order this Book" button
    • items on the Expander page will display in decreasing order of likelihood that you will get the book (most-likely-to-get versions are shown at the top of the list).
  • To leave the Expander page (when you're done choosing alternate versions to wish for), click the "I am done" button at the top right of the Expander page.  This will take you back to the page you were on before you went to the Expander page.
  • To deactivate the Wish Expander - just click Options at the top of your Wish List and UNcheck the second box next to "Show me alternate versions when I wish for a book".

Wish List Similar-item email alerts: You have always been able to opt out of the entire category of these emails in your Account Settings > Email Settings.  Now you can opt out of email alerts about a specific item, from the email alert about a similar item being available: just click the link in the email, to tell us not to send alerts about that book again. 

  • So if you want a particular book only in audio version, you can stop alerts about other available versions, by clicking the link in one of those email alerts, and doing this will NOT affect your similar-item alerts for any other book on your Wish List.  There is not yet a setting to do this in advance for particular books; it is available only from the email.  
  • To re-activate any book's similar-item alert emails, go to your Account Settings >Email Settings; there will be a link there to the list of books you have previously blocked alerts for, and you can reactivate any or all from there.

Search and Sort: we also moved the Sort and Search from the popup to the top of the list, to make those options easier to access.  We've added new Sort terms also.

  • To Search, enter search terms into the Search Wish List box and click Search. 
  • To sort, click the menu to the right of Sort at the top right of the list and choose how you would like to sort (according to title, author, date you added the item to your wish list, estimate of when we think you might be offered the book, items on hold, active items only, items on auto-request)  and choose DESC (= descending, or decreasing in value) or ASC (= ascending, or increasing in value). 


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