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Standard Annual Membership Package

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The easiest way to swap! **Starred items are exclusive features to Standard Membership.**

Become a Standard Member and unlock the following to make your book-swapping experiences here that much better:

*UNLIMITED fee-free swapping  - you can request as many books as you wish, without paying Swap Fees (normally 49 cents/incoming shipment). Compare to Limited Membership, which allows you to request 30 books per year without swap fees.

1 Free 55-cent Postage-Printing Fee per month (each fee = 55 cents; up to $6.60 annual savings).  Compare to Limited Membership, which allows one courtesy Postage-Printing Fee per quarter (every three months).

Directed Delivery - When multiple copies of a book you order are available, we’ll determine the most expedient route to you. We take into account several factors to get your book to you as quickly as possible, putting special emphasis on the closest geographical location for “Greener swapping”!

*500-item Wish List - Compare to Limited Membership, which allows 200 items. Unenrolled (a La Carte) members' Wish Lists are limited to 100 items.

*Friends Direct - What are friends for, if not to share books with? As an enrolled Standard Member, you will be able to search all their PaperBackSwap Friends' Bookshelves easily to find books to request, and you can  also Post Wish List books directly to your Friends' Wish Lists.

Multi-Copy Requesting - If you’ve ever wanted to order more than one copy of a particular book for your book club, classroom or reading group, this feature is for you.  With Standard Membership, you can choose exactly the number of copies you need from the available books, and order them all simultaneously.  No more ordering only one at a time!  Perfect for teachers, librarians, book clubs and more.

Participate in Discussion Forums - Standard Members may post in Forums (Limited Members may also post in forums; A la Carte members are read-only).

Access to a Private Discussion Forum for enrolled Standard Members.

*Reminder List Filter by Friend - when viewing your Reminder List, you will see at a glance if books on that list are currently being offered by any of your Friends. You can also sort the Reminder List to bring all of your Friends' books to the top.

*Share Your Lists - You'll get the option to display your Books I've Read, To Be Read and Reminder List on your public profile. Note: you have to choose to make these public in your Account Settings - this will not happen automatically when you enroll as a Standard Member.

*Ability to see number of available copies of books on the Book Details page. You'll be able to see how many copies of each book are currently available in the system, just by viewing the Book Details page.

You'll also get a badge on your member Profile, identifying you as an enrolled Standard Member.

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