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Tailspin$13.59(save 53%) or
$9.69+1 credit(save 67%)
Sandra Brown
Trump's Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency$10.49(save 61%) or
$6.59+1 credit(save 76%)
Corey R. Lewandowski, David N. Bossie
Tango Lessons: A Memoir$7.29(save 72%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Meghan Flaherty
Cook This, Not That! Kitchen Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution$7.59(save 62%) or
$3.69+1 credit(save 82%)
David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding
The Three Beths$11.39(save 56%) or
$7.49+1 credit(save 71%)
Jeff Abbott
The World According to Tom Hanks: The Life, the Obsessions, the Good Deeds of America's Most Decent Guy$12.99(save 50%) or
$9.09+1 credit(save 65%)
Gavin Edwards
Broken Field: A Novel$7.39(save 70%) or
$3.49+1 credit(save 86%)
Jeff Hull
The Creeper Diaries Box Set: Six Unofficial Adventures for Minecrafters!$9.59(save 68%) or
$5.69+1 credit(save 81%)
Greyson Mann
Kopp Sisters on the March (A Kopp Sisters Novel)$12.99(save 50%) or
$9.09+1 credit(save 65%)
Amy Stewart
Every Man a King: A Short, Colorful History of American Populists$10.19(save 64%) or
$6.29+1 credit(save 78%)
Chris Stirewalt
Spell and Spindle$9.99(save 50%) or
$6.09+1 credit(save 70%)
Michelle Schusterman
Miracle Moments in Alabama Crimson Tide Football History: Best Plays, Games, and Records$9.19(save 63%) or
$5.29+1 credit(save 79%)
Mark Mayfield
Watch the Girls$12.49(save 52%) or
$8.59+1 credit(save 67%)
Jennifer Wolfe
Back in the Game: One Gunman, Countless Heroes, and the Fight for My Life$10.79(save 60%) or
$6.89+1 credit(save 74%)
Steve Scalise
Shell: A Novel$9.19(save 65%) or
$5.29+1 credit(save 80%)
Kristina Olsson
And the Whole Mountain Burned: A War Novel$7.59(save 71%) or
$3.69+1 credit(save 86%)
Ray McPadden
Fractured Truth (A Bone Gap Travellers Novel)$10.79(save 59%) or
$6.89+1 credit(save 74%)
Susan Furlong
Valley of Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley (As Told by the Hackers, Founders, and Freaks Who Made It Boom)$11.09(save 63%) or
$7.19+1 credit(save 76%)
Adam Fisher
Blanket Fort: Growing Up Is Optional$6.19(save 67%) or
$2.29+1 credit(save 88%)
Grackle & Pigeon
Yuma Prison Crashout (Hank Fallon, Bk 1) William W. Johnstone, J. A. Johnstone
Eat Cake. Be Brave.$11.99(save 56%) or
$8.09+1 credit(save 70%)
Melissa Radke
Jerusalem: A Biblical and Historical Case for the Jewish Capital$12.39(save 46%) or
$8.49+1 credit(save 63%)
Jay Sekulow
The Unofficial Minecrafters Mysteries Series Box Set: 6 Thrilling Stories for Minecrafters!$9.49(save 68%) or
$5.59+1 credit(save 81%)
Winter Morgan
The Game Masters of Garden Place$9.99(save 50%) or
$6.09+1 credit(save 70%)
Denis Markell
The Secret of the Irish Castle (Deverill Chronicles)$12.79(save 53%) or
$8.89+1 credit(save 67%)
Santa Montefiore
Eden$8.09(save 68%) or
$4.19+1 credit(save 83%)
Andrea Kleine
The Land of Neverendings$9.19(save 54%) or
$5.29+1 credit(save 74%)
Kate Saunders
Where Did You Come from, Baby Dear?$8.59(save 52%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 74%)
George MacDonald
The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer$13.89(save 50%) or
$9.99+1 credit(save 64%)
Charles Graeber
Outside the Wire: Ten Lessons I've Learned in Everyday Courage$13.59(save 51%) or
$9.69+1 credit(save 65%)
Jason Kander
You See, I See: On the Farm Michelle Sinclair Colman
Classroom Surprise! (Nella the Princess Knight) (Little Golden Book) Hollis James
Three Little Lies$12.49(save 52%) or
$8.59+1 credit(save 67%)
Laura Marshall
Trump, the Blue-Collar President$10.49(save 61%) or
$6.59+1 credit(save 76%)
Anthony Scaramucci
Forest Dark Low Price CD: A Novel$6.89(save 31%) or
$2.99+1 credit(save 70%)
Nicole Krauss
The Write Story (Disney Tangled the Series) Jimmy Gownley
Happily Ever Esther: Two Men, a Wonder Pig, and Their Life-Changing Mission to Give Animals a Home$12.79(save 53%) or
$8.89+1 credit(save 67%)
Steve Jenkins, Derek Walter, Caprice Crane
Bookmarks are People Too! (Here's Hank, Bk 1)$7.09 or
$3.19+1 credit Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver, Scott Garrett (Illustrator)
Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine$6.79(save 66%) or
$2.89+1 credit(save 86%)
Not Elon Musk, Scott Dikkers
Candy Apple Blessings (Sweet Blessings)$6.29(save 30%) or
$2.39+1 credit(save 73%)
Thomas Nelson
Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump$13.59(save 51%) or
$9.69+1 credit(save 65%)
Dan Pfeiffer
And All the Phases of the Moon Judy Reene Singer
Bound for Eden (Frontiers of the Heart, Bk 1) Tess LeSue
A Name for Baby$8.69(save 52%) or
$4.79+1 credit(save 73%)
Lizi Boyd
The Forbidden Place$9.79(save 62%) or
$5.89+1 credit(save 77%)
Susanne Jansson
The Case For Impeaching Trump$12.09(save 45%) or
$8.19+1 credit(save 63%)
Elizabeth Holtzman
Blood of the Four$9.79(save 61%) or
$5.89+1 credit(save 76%)
Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon
The Season of Us Holly Chamberlin
We All Love the Beautiful Girls$12.49(save 52%) or
$8.59+1 credit(save 67%)
Joanne Proulx
The General's Cook: A Novel$7.29(save 71%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 86%)
Ganeshram Ramin
Badly Done, Emma Lee (A Riches to Romance Tale) Leah Marie Brown
Pj Masks Dot-to-dot Heroes Parragon Books Ltd
Too Wilde to Wed$18.69(save 31%) or
$14.79+1 credit(save 45%)
Eloisa James
The Postnatal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your Health and Reclaiming Your Energy for Mothers of Newborns, Toddlers, and Young Children$10.49(save 61%) or
$6.59+1 credit(save 76%)
Oscar Serrallach
Rocket the Brave!$7.69(save 49%) or
$3.79+1 credit(save 75%)
Tad Hills
Shark Dog and the School Trip Rescue!$8.59(save 52%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 74%)
Ged Adamson
The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden Karina Yan Glaser
Ordeal by Innocence [TV Tie-in] (Aatha Christie Collection) Agatha Christie
Too Many Cupcakes! (DreamWorks Trolls) (Beginner Books(R))$6.29(save 37%) or
$2.39+1 credit(save 76%)
David Lewman
Cook This, Not That! Easy & Awesome 350-Calorie Meals: Hundreds of new quick and healthy meals to save you 10, 20, 30 pounds--or more!$8.59(save 57%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 77%)
David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding
Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy$12.39(save 54%) or
$8.49+1 credit(save 69%)
Kurt Schlichter
Out There: A Scientific Guide to Alien Life, Antimatter, and Human Space Travel (For the Cosmically Curious)$10.49(save 61%) or
$6.59+1 credit(save 76%)
Michael Wall
Obsidian and Stars$6.89(save 31%) or
$2.99+1 credit(save 70%)
Julie Eshbaugh
From Sunset Till Sunrise: Devin Dexter #2 Jonathan Rosen
The Breakers (Sharon McCone, Bk 33)$17.99(save 31%) or
$14.09+1 credit(save 46%)
Marcia Muller
The Anomaly$12.99(save 50%) or
$9.09+1 credit(save 65%)
Michael Rutger
Boise State of Mind: The Emergence of College Football's Grittiest Underdog$9.39(save 62%) or
$5.49+1 credit(save 78%)
Joel Gunderson
Deep Black: A Tom Locke Novel Sean McFate, Bret Witter
Trump's America: The Truth about Our Nation's Great Comeback$12.89(save 52%) or
$8.99+1 credit(save 67%)
Newt Gingrich
Just Under the Clouds$8.99(save 55%) or
$5.09+1 credit(save 75%)
Melissa Sarno
Blood at Sundown (Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter, Bk 20) Peter Brandvold
Cinderella: Princessography$10.39(save 58%) or
$6.49+1 credit(save 74%)
Molly Hodgins
Dietland: (Tie-In) Sarai Walker
Walking Through Fire: A Misbegotten Novel Sherri Cook Woosley
Fisher Price Little People There's Only One You: Storybook With Flaps$6.19 or
$2.29+1 credit Parragon Books Ltd
Totally Middle School: Tales of Friends, Family, and Fitting In$7.29(save 57%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 80%)
Unknown Author
The Other Sister$7.79(save 70%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 85%)
Sarah Zettel
Best of Enemies: The Last Great Spy Story of the Cold War$13.89(save 50%) or
$9.99+1 credit(save 64%)
Eric Dezenhall, Gus Russo
Take You Wherever You Go$8.30(save 68%) or
$4.40+1 credit(save 83%)
Kenny Leon
The Museum of Us$9.49(save 55%) or
$5.59+1 credit(save 73%)
Tara Wilson Redd
Living with the Monks: What Turning Off My Phone Taught Me about Happiness, Gratitude, and Focus$9.59(save 64%) or
$5.69+1 credit(save 79%)
Jesse Itzler
Born to Be Wilde: The Wildes of Lindow Castle$12.79(save 53%) or
$8.89+1 credit(save 67%)
Eloisa James
Amanda Panda and the Bigger, Better Birthday$8.69(save 52%) or
$4.79+1 credit(save 73%)
Candice Ransom
Lady Notorious (Royal Rewards, Bk 4) Theresa Romain
Sailing Lessons: A Novel$9.49(save 66%) or
$5.59+1 credit(save 80%)
Hannah McKinnon
Broken Places (A Chicago Mystery)$12.19(save 53%) or
$8.29+1 credit(save 68%)
Tracy Clark
CarniFood Willow Creek Press
Better Late Than Never (Reverend Curtis Black)$7.79 or
$3.89+1 credit Kimberla Lawson Roby
Rainy Day Friends: A Novel$12.79(save 53%) or
$8.89+1 credit(save 67%)
Jill Shalvis
Finding Magic: A Love Story Sally Quinn
Guts and Genius: The Story of Three Unlikely Coaches Who Came to Dominate the NFL in the '80s$10.59(save 62%) or
$6.69+1 credit(save 76%)
Bob Glauber
Fruit Bowl$10.59(save 50%) or
$6.69+1 credit(save 68%)
Mark Hoffmann
The Man Who Couldn't Miss: A Stewart Hoag Mystery (Stewart Hoag Mysteries)$12.79(save 53%) or
$8.89+1 credit(save 67%)
David Handler
The Game Masters of Garden Place$7.49(save 56%) or
$3.59+1 credit(save 79%)
Denis Markell
Fandango at the Wall: Creating Harmony Between the United States and Mexico$8.89(save 64%) or
$4.99+1 credit(save 80%)
Kabir Sehgal
The Power of Presence: Be a Voice in Your Child's Ear Even When You're Not with Them$7.99(save 69%) or
$4.09+1 credit(save 84%)
Joy Thomas Moore
A Love for Leah (Amish of Pontotoc) Amy Lillard
Pillsbury Baking Hacks: Fun and Inventive Recipes with Refrigerated Dough$10.69(save 47%) or
$6.79+1 credit(save 66%)
Pillsbury Editors
The Highlander's Promise: Highland Brides$9.40(save 65%) or
$5.50+1 credit(save 80%)
Lynsay Sands
City of Death: Humanitarian Warriors in the Battle of Mosul$9.29(save 66%) or
$5.39+1 credit(save 80%)
Ephraim Mattos, Scott McEwen
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