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Book cover imageIn Five Years: A Novel$9.10(save 66%) or
$5.20+1 credit(save 81%)
Rebecca Serle
Book cover imageTime After Time: A Novel$12.29(save 54%) or
$8.39+1 credit(save 69%)
Lisa Grunwald
Book cover imageThe Butterfly Girl: A Novel$7.99(save 70%) or
$4.09+1 credit(save 85%)
Rene Denfeld
Book cover imageMontauk$7.79(save 72%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 86%)
Nicola Harrison
Book cover imageThe Family Upstairs$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Lisa Jewell
Book cover imageHome for Erring and Outcast Girls$9.19(save 66%) or
$5.29+1 credit(save 80%)
Julie Kibler
Book cover imageThe Tenant (Korner and Werner, Bk 1)$9.29(save 66%) or
$5.39+1 credit(save 80%)
Katrine Engberg
Book cover imageThe End of the Day$8.69(save 69%) or
$4.79+1 credit(save 83%)
Bill Clegg
Book cover imageNever Have I Ever: A Novel$9.39(save 65%) or
$5.49+1 credit(save 80%)
Joshilyn Jackson
Book cover imageOn Ocean Boulevard (Beach House, Bk 6)$8.49(save 69%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 83%)
Mary Alice Monroe
Book cover imageGone Too Long: A Novel$9.89(save 65%) or
$5.99+1 credit(save 79%)
Lori Roy
Book cover imageFall, Or Dodge in Hell$8.89(save 75%) or
$4.99+1 credit(save 86%)
Neal Stephenson
Book cover imageThe Family Upstairs$7.49(save 56%) or
$3.59+1 credit(save 79%)
Lisa Jewell
Book cover imageThe Night Before$8.69(save 68%) or
$4.79+1 credit(save 82%)
Wendy Walker
Book cover imageCemetery Road: A Novel$8.79(save 70%) or
$4.89+1 credit(save 83%)
Greg Iles
Book cover imageHoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth$9.89(save 65%) or
$5.99+1 credit(save 79%)
Brian Stelter
Book cover imageLost Roses (Lilac Girls, Bk 2)$10.39(save 63%) or
$6.49+1 credit(save 77%)
Martha Hall Kelly
Book cover imageHollow Kingdom$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Kira Jane Buxton
Book cover imageCountdown 1945: The Extraordinary Story of the 116 Days that Changed the World (1)$8.39(save 72%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 85%)
Chris Wallace
Book cover imageThe Sinner (18) (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series)$9.19(save 67%) or
$5.29+1 credit(save 81%)
J.R. Ward
Book cover imageLady in the Lake: A Novel$8.59(save 68%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 83%)
Laura Lippman
Book cover imageFlorence Adler Swims Forever$10.09(save 61%) or
$6.19+1 credit(save 76%)
Rachel Beanland
Book cover imageInspection$8.09(save 70%) or
$4.19+1 credit(save 84%)
Josh Malerman
Book cover imageThe Deserter$8.39(save 71%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 85%)
Nelson DeMille, Alex DeMille
Book cover imageThe World That We Knew: A Novel$8.39(save 70%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 84%)
Alice Hoffman
Book cover imageThe Summer Country$8.20(save 70%) or
$4.30+1 credit(save 84%)
Lauren Willig
Book cover imageSongs of America: Patriotism, Protest, and the Music That Made a Nation$8.79(save 71%) or
$4.89+1 credit(save 84%)
Jon Meacham, Tim McGraw
Book cover imageThe Spies of Shilling Lane: A Novel$10.39(save 64%) or
$6.49+1 credit(save 78%)
Jennifer Ryan
Book cover imageAsk Again, Yes$6.69(save 61%) or
$2.79+1 credit(save 84%)
Mary Beth Keane
Book cover imageOnce More We Saw Stars: A Memoir$8.49(save 66%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 82%)
Jayson Greene
Book cover imageThe Perfect Wife: A Novel$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
JP Delaney
Book cover imageFirefly - The Magnificent Nine$10.29(save 59%) or
$6.39+1 credit(save 74%)
James Lovegrove
Book cover imageThe Unhoneymooners$6.29(save 61%) or
$2.39+1 credit(save 85%)
Christina Lauren
Book cover imageNear Dark (Scot Harvath, Bk 20)$8.79(save 70%) or
$4.89+1 credit(save 83%)
Brad Thor
Book cover imageHot to the Touch (Brotherhood by Fire, Bk 1)$6.79(save 58%) or
$2.89+1 credit(save 82%)
Jaci Burton
Book cover imageThe Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters: A Novel$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Balli Kaur Jaswal
Book cover imageThe Library Book$6.69(save 61%) or
$2.79+1 credit(save 84%)
Susan Orlean
Book cover imageKiss the Girls and Make Them Cry$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Mary Higgins Clark
Book cover imageThe Confessions of Frannie Langton$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Sara Collins
Book cover imageWhy We're Polarized$10.29(save 63%) or
$6.39+1 credit(save 77%)
Ezra Klein
Book cover imageThe Winemaker's Wife$7.49(save 56%) or
$3.59+1 credit(save 79%)
Kristin Harmel
Book cover imageA Bookshop in Berlin: The Rediscovered Memoir of One Woman's Harrowing Escape from the Nazis$9.29(save 64%) or
$5.39+1 credit(save 79%)
Françoise Frenkel
Book cover imageGravity Is the Thing: A Novel$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Jaclyn Moriarty
Book cover imageMrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods (A Victorian Mystery)$6.99(save 56%) or
$3.09+1 credit(save 81%)
Emily Brightwell
Book cover imageMr. Nobody$7.79(save 71%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 86%)
Catherine Steadman
Book cover imageSummer Darlings$9.69(save 64%) or
$5.79+1 credit(save 79%)
Brooke Lea Foster
Book cover imageRun Me to Earth$10.69(save 59%) or
$6.79+1 credit(save 74%)
Paul Yoon
Book cover imageAfter the Flood: A Novel$9.10(save 67%) or
$5.20+1 credit(save 81%)
Kassandra Montag
Book cover imageThe Chelsea Girls: A Novel$11.49(save 60%) or
$7.59+1 credit(save 74%)
Fiona Davis
Book cover imageMrs. Everything: A Novel$8.39(save 70%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 84%)
Jennifer Weiner
Book cover imagePark Avenue Summer$6.79(save 58%) or
$2.89+1 credit(save 82%)
Renée Rosen
Book cover imageAmnesty: A Novel$8.80(save 66%) or
$4.90+1 credit(save 81%)
Aravind Adiga
Book cover imageThe Stationery Shop$7.99(save 50%) or
$4.09+1 credit(save 74%)
Marjan Kamali
Book cover imageSomeone Like You (The Baxter Family)$8.90(save 66%) or
$5.00+1 credit(save 81%)
Karen Kingsbury
Book cover imageLabyrinth (23) (An FBI Thriller)$6.69(save 61%) or
$2.79+1 credit(save 84%)
Catherine Coulter
Book cover imageWaiting for Tom Hanks$6.29(save 58%) or
$2.39+1 credit(save 84%)
Kerry Winfrey
Book cover imageWunderland: A Novel$10.09(save 63%) or
$6.19+1 credit(save 77%)
Jennifer Cody Epstein
Book cover imageAll the Flowers in Paris: A Novel$10.09(save 63%) or
$6.19+1 credit(save 77%)
Sarah Jio
Book cover imageAccidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America$8.89(save 70%) or
$4.99+1 credit(save 83%)
Jared Cohen
Book cover imageThe Lost Daughter: A Novel$7.69(save 55%) or
$3.79+1 credit(save 78%)
Gill Paul
Book cover imageDeadlock (FBI Thriller, Bk 24)$9.29(save 68%) or
$5.39+1 credit(save 81%)
Catherine Coulter
Book cover imageThese Ghosts Are Family: A Novel$8.99(save 65%) or
$5.09+1 credit(save 80%)
Maisy Card
Book cover imageThe Wicked Redhead (Wicked City, Bk 2)$9.29(save 66%) or
$5.39+1 credit(save 80%)
Beatriz Williams
Book cover imageThe Favorite Daughter$6.19(save 61%) or
$2.29+1 credit(save 86%)
Patti Callahan Henry
Book cover imageThe Way I Heard It: True Tales for the Curious Mind with a Short Attention Span$8.39(save 70%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 84%)
Mike Rowe
Book cover imageThe Editor$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Steven Rowley
Book cover imageThe Trial of Lizzie Borden$7.69(save 73%) or
$3.79+1 credit(save 86%)
Cara Robertson
Book cover imageFlorida$7.09(save 56%) or
$3.19+1 credit(save 80%)
Lauren Groff
Book cover imageThe Turn of the Key$7.89(save 54%) or
$3.99+1 credit(save 77%)
Ruth Ware
Book cover imageNever Look Back: A Novel$7.19(save 58%) or
$3.29+1 credit(save 81%)
Alison Gaylin
Book cover imageQuichotte: A Novel$10.39(save 63%) or
$6.49+1 credit(save 77%)
Salman Rushdie
Book cover imageDopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America$6.59(save 63%) or
$2.69+1 credit(save 85%)
Beth Macy
Book cover imageThe Golden Hour: A Novel$8.69(save 68%) or
$4.79+1 credit(save 82%)
Beatriz Williams
Book cover imageThe Last Second (Brit in the FBI, Bk 6)$7.69(save 55%) or
$3.79+1 credit(save 78%)
Catherine Coulter, J. T. Ellison
Book cover imageTear It Down (A Peter Ash Novel)$7.69(save 52%) or
$3.79+1 credit(save 76%)
Nick Petrie
Book cover imageThe Book of Dreams: A Novel$9.19(save 66%) or
$5.29+1 credit(save 80%)
Nina George
Book cover imageWhen Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father's War and What Remains$8.99(save 68%) or
$5.09+1 credit(save 82%)
Ariana Neumann
Book cover imageBehind Every Lie$6.69(save 58%) or
$2.79+1 credit(save 83%)
Christina McDonald
Book cover imageThe Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West$7.39(save 59%) or
$3.49+1 credit(save 81%)
David McCullough
Book cover imageTightrope$8.99(save 67%) or
$5.09+1 credit(save 81%)
Amanda Quick
Book cover imageThe Last Widow (Will Trent, Bk 9)$8.59(save 69%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 83%)
Karin Slaughter
Book cover imageFrom Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home$7.39(save 57%) or
$3.49+1 credit(save 79%)
Tembi Locke
Book cover imageLethal Agent (Mitch Rapp, Bk 18)$8.49(save 71%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 84%)
Vince Flynn (Creator), Kyle Mills
Book cover imageThe Girl He Used to Know$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Tracey Garvis Graves
Book cover imageThe Island of Sea Women: A Novel$7.59(save 58%) or
$3.69+1 credit(save 80%)
Lisa See
Book cover imageSurfside Sisters: A Novel$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Nancy Thayer
Book cover imageA Conspiracy of Bones (Temperance Brennan, Bk 19)$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Kathy Reichs
Book cover imageLifespan: Why We Age_and Why We Don't Have To$9.59(save 66%) or
$5.69+1 credit(save 80%)
David A. Sinclair PhD, Matthew D. LaPlante
Book cover imageInland: A Novel$7.89(save 71%) or
$3.99+1 credit(save 85%)
Téa Obreht
Book cover imageA Longer Fall (Gunnie Rose, Bk 2)$8.49(save 69%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 83%)
Charlaine Harris
Book cover imageSavage Son ((James Reece, Bk 3)$10.79(save 61%) or
$6.89+1 credit(save 75%)
Jack Carr
Book cover imageThe Last Pirate of New York: A Ghost Ship, a Killer, and the Birth of a Gangster Nation$9.79(save 65%) or
$5.89+1 credit(save 79%)
Rich Cohen
Book cover imageChances Are . . .: A novel$11.69(save 60%) or
$7.79+1 credit(save 73%)
Richard Russo
Book cover imageThe Book of Gutsy Women: FavoriteStories of Courage and Resilience$8.39(save 76%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 87%)
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea Clinton
Book cover imageElevation Stephen King
Book cover imageCareful What You Wish For: A Novel$8.99(save 67%) or
$5.09+1 credit(save 81%)
Hallie Ephron
Book cover imageThe Shape of Night: A Novel$8.59(save 69%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 83%)
Tess Gerritsen
Book cover imageNoel Street (The Noel Collection)$9.20(save 58%) or
$5.30+1 credit(save 76%)
Richard Paul Evans
Book cover imageLight from Other Stars$7.99(save 70%) or
$4.09+1 credit(save 85%)
Erika Swyler
Book cover imageMy Ex-Best Friend's Wedding$6.19(save 61%) or
$2.29+1 credit(save 86%)
Wendy Wax
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