2,000,000 Books Contest Results

PaperBackSwap has officially reached 2 million books available! The official winning time was 8:53 AM ET on 3/24/2008. Mr. Timothy, the two millionth book, was posted by Vikki C. (Vikki). Vikki picks up 5 free credits for posting the milestone book! We would like to thank all members who participated in the contest.
    Grand Prize Winner ($391 Value)
  1. Michael T. (flopp) Mountain View, CA - Michael has been an active member of PaperBackSwap since 12/10/2007. Currently, Michael has 19 books on his bookshelf that are available to request.

    * 100 Credits
    * 1 Year Box-O-Books
    * 1 Year Book Journal
    * $10.00 PBS Money
    * $10.00 SwapaCD.com Money
    * $10.00 SwapaDVD.com Money

    Michael's response to the news:
    "Thank you very much. I'm still in shock. I can't believe I won. I've never won a contest before. I had been tracking the posted book numbers for a while, watching to see if there was trend. As it got closer and closer I realized there wasn't much of a trend and I decided to just guess. I changed my mind about 5 times before settling on a completely random time. I can't believe I was so lucky. Thank you so much PaperBackSwap and congratulations on 2,000,000 books posted!"
  2. Second Place ($117 Value)
  3. Angela T. (rubyred) Auburn, IN - Angela has been a member since 1/19/2008. She currently has 12 books on her shelf available for requesting.

    * 25 Credits
    * 1 Year Box-O-Books
    * 1 Year Book Journal
    * $5.00 PBS Money
    * $5.00 SwapaCD.com Money
    * $5.00 SwapaDVD.com Money

    Angela's response to the news:
    "I was so surprised and excited to get the call from Richard saying that I had won 2nd place in the contest! Actually, I was browsing books in a gift shop in the Fort Myers airport when he called, feeling a little depressed that our Florida vacation was over and it was time to head home to chilly Indiana. I cheered up quickly! I'll be sharing my credits with my dad -- I picked March 24th on a whim because it's his birthday, and I picked 9:02 a.m. for my birthday, September 2nd. Thanks again for the great gift, and I'll look forward to expanding my membership to the CD and DVD swap and Box-O-Book features. I'll continue to recommend this great site to my friends and family."
  4. Third Place ($59 Value)
  5. Tiffany M. (beangirl) - Tiffany has been a member since 11/5/2007. Currently, Tiffany has 7 books available for requesting on her shelf.

    * 10 Credits
    * 1 Year Box-O-Books
    * 1 Year Book Journal
    * $3.00 PBS Money
    * $3.00 SwapaDVD.com Money
    * $3.00 SwapaDVD.com Money

    Tiffany's response to the news:
    "I have just won third place in the 'Guess the 2,000,000 book posted' contest and let me tell you I am thrilled to have won!!! I love Paperbackswap!! This website has allowed me to redistribute books that I have read and get ones that I want to read! To all who are considering this site....do it! This is great!"
  6. In the Winning Hour ($3.45 value)

    These members guessed within 30 minutes (either way) of the official winning time and will receive 1 free credit:

    Shai G. (LoveBeingMOM)- Member since 9/1/2005
    Kimberly T. (HeartsongChica)- Member since 5/16/2006
    Wendy B. (wendytomereader)- Member since 9/2/2007
    J. H. E. (J. H. E.)- Member since 2/16/2008
    Kate M. (kinare)- Member since 2/23/2006
    Emily W. (Emily W.)- Member since 11/25/2006
    Christine L. (claro)- Member since 2/9/2007
    Dawn A. (eyebright13)- Member since 4/27/2007