Book Review of The Ships of Earth (Homecoming, Bk 3)

The Ships of Earth (Homecoming, Bk 3)
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Out of all of the books of the Homecoming series, this was my least favorite.

Card sweeps through the story far too quickly for my taste, not really developing any of the characters or their relationships with each other. The reader is left to determine how the roles of the "not so important" characters (Kokor, Sevet, Eiadh, Vas and Obring, as well as their children) play out while the group is in the desert.

I would have loved for there to be more character development and stories of different problems/issues that the small tribe may have went through, instead of glazed over paragraphs in which a five year span may occur.

It seems that this book was mainly to get the group from their starting point to the beginning of the next story; it was just very rushed.

I still like the book very much and without it, the Homecoming saga wouldnot be complete.

All in all, a interesting read and a part of a series that's well worth getting yourself into.