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Book Review of Killer Pancake (Goldy Schulz, Bk 5)

Killer Pancake (Goldy Schulz, Bk 5)
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This book really missed the mark for me. The overall storyline seemed more disjointed then her past efforts and previously prominent characters barely made and appearance.

Goldy and her Goldilocks' catering company are hired to cater the luncheon for Mignon Cosmetics Company. Not a problem, until she finds out that her usual fare will not do, everything must be low cal and that is not Goldy's specialty. A dessert without butter and cream is not worth eating.

Nevertheless, a job is a job and she must come up with something, little does she know that finding the right recipes will be the least of her problems. Mignon has been accused of animal testing and as she is trying to delivery the food for the banquet she is confronted by an angry mob and as Goldy is trying to battle her way into the venue there is a squeal of tires and one of Mignon's leading sales women is murdered in the parking lot.

Turns out that there is quite a bit of corruption when it comes to beauty and once again, Goldy throws herself into the business of finding a murderer.

As I said, this book was a bit of a let down for me, would I continue the series, I really do not know. However, I do tend to give authors one more chance that tends to lead to two or three more chances when I have started out enjoying the beginning of a series.

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