Book Review of The Third Gate (Jeremy Logan, Bk 2)

The Third Gate (Jeremy Logan, Bk 2)
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I decided to read this book because I had read Wilbur Smith's "The Seventh Scroll" over ten years ago. Even after all this time, I thought Smith's lost pharoah's tomb story better than this one. Both stories are absed in the old Kingdom period, albet at slightly different times.

The action is all present-day with barely any mention about the Why behind Dr. Romero's assessment of the tomb's contents. I'm not sure what Egyptian history one can really learn from this action-mystery-technogadget story. There's nothing really new from the little that's mentioned in the 2-weeks of world history most grade schoolers whiz through. There are blatent mistakes - like pliability of 5000+ year old papyrus paper scrolls or the power of the ancient batteries (given the components). These are not acceptable if you're trying to use them as critical plot points.

It says a lot about the plotline that I am nitpicking on the archaeology and chemistry instead of the book's story or characters.