Book Review of Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day
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This was the first book by David Sedaris that I read, and unfortunately, it now has become the book by which all of his other works are judged. I agree with the majority of the reviews that this is probably his best work. Each essay is funnier than the previous and it's easy to fly through half of this book in one sitting because you don't want to stop.

It seems that most people either love Sedaris or don't get his style of humor. The punchlines aren't 'in-your-face' and require a bit of thought in order to appreciate. Put yourself in his shoes and you'll enjoy the essays even more. If you can handle the subjects and language, then essays like You Can't Kill the Rooster, The Youth in Asia, and I'll Eat What He's Wearing will leave you laughing and gasping for air... unless of course, you don't have the awesome sense of humor that you think you do... in which case, you probably won't be able to finish this book.

Several months after reading this, I had the desire to re-read it, but instead bought the audio book, which is read by the author. It's a completely different experience, but hilarious to hear the stories straight from David's mouth. Whether you're reading it or listening to it, there's no wrong way to consume Me Talk Pretty One Day.

If this is your first Sedaris experience, as it was for me, and you're hungry for more, I recommend Holidays on Ice as the follow up.