Book Review of Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)

Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)
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This was the first book I'd read by this author, and while this book had its moments, overall I felt the plot was very thin at best. The author seemed to repeat herself over and over about how Sally Mae was too pious and good for Tucker, and how Tucker was just too "Indian" for Sally Mae. If you cut out all the paragraphs she put in about that, the book would have been about 100 pages shorter.

I also felt that Sally Mae was an extremely hypocritical character. One minute, she is talking about her faith and how she can't be with Tucker because he's "just too violent", and the next, she's having down and dirty sex with him (& a bunch of "toys") and becoming pregnant outside of marriage. Huh? I also found the author's use of "thee" and "thou" in Sally Mae's vocabulary to be cumbersome to the story- I found myself having to re-read things because of that. I guess it was supposed to have made her seem more Puritan or something, but I just found it to be irritating.

I guess if you're into this series, this one would get you into the next one. Not sure if I'd bother with this series again, though.