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Book Review of The Creed Legacy (Creed Cowboys, Bk 3) (Montana Creeds, Bk 7)

The Creed Legacy (Creed Cowboys, Bk 3) (Montana Creeds, Bk 7)
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This book promised more than it gave; where's the legacy? This book was incredibly turgid; the conversations between Brody and Carolyn were boring. Brody and Carolyn were an item eight years ago. When he received a mysterious phone call, he wrote a note to Carolyn and disappeared for years without a word.

Now, Brody is back and wants to resume the relationship with Carolyn. Carolyn spends a great deal of time in her head debating whether she should give him another chance. Frankly, anyone waiting 8 years for a guy who left a note that said (essentially), I have to leave,' is dumber than dirt. Brody never made an effort to communicate with Carolyn during all those years; that's a loving relationship she should resume?

Brody and Connor Creed are identical twins about 33 years of age. They have a history of estrangement that has lasted more than 10 years. Then one day, Brody comes back to the ranch he and Connor inherited. He announces he is back to stay.

This book was repetitious and very wordy. The only conversations of any interest to me were the ones between all 3 men: Davis, Connor and Brody. There didn't seem to be much chemistry between Carolyn and Brody.
I finished the book but felt I'd wasted my time. LLM's older historical novels were much better.

Creed Cowboy
1. A Creed in Stone Creek (2011)
2. Creed's Honor (2011)
3. The Creed Legacy (2011)

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