Book Review of Here Burns My Candle

Here Burns My Candle
Helpful Score: 3

First of all, I have to say that I enjoyed the period setting of Here Burns My Candle. The Scottish background gives a slightly different flavor to a typical British regency era novel. My mind was given quite a workout however as Liz Curtis Higgs frequently uses unfamiliar (to me) Scottish terminology, like ilke and mercat and cauld. Most words I could figure out in context, but wish Id discovered the glossary BEFORE I finished the book!

It appears that Here Burns My Candle was inspired by the story of Naomi and Ruth. Lady Marjory is the mother-in-law who has left her family, eventually loses everything, and has nowhere left to turn but home. Lady Elisabeth Kerr is the pagan daughter-in-law who begins to follow (not really, in my opinion) the God of her mother-in-law and desires to take care of her husbands mother when all seems lost.

Although I enjoyed the setting and even the inspiration -- of Here Burns My Candle, I was disgusted in the time spent on Lord Donalds extramarital activities. I was equally disappointed in the detail given to Lady Elisabeths auld ways (moon worship).

Although I appreciate WaterBrook and CFBA for sending me a review copy, Im afraid that Here Burns My Candle will not be finding a permanent place on my bookshelf.

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