Book Review of Danse Macabre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 14)

Danse Macabre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 14)
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This was a little hard to get through compared to the previous books. I love this author and series but found it hard to dig into the book and read for hours as I usually do/. I found that the story line started very vampiry and all Anita vampire hunter/human slave with a promising and thrilling ride. Then went into a porn session of words that was way too graphic for the story line. Then finally the end of the book finished the thrilling story line with a kind of fizzle. While some of the sex had to do with the story it was a bit much at times. I love this series and won't give up. No matter how many cold showers I may need. Anita is my hero and I love tht she is all woman in a "man's" world. When she gets down to business you know she is control. The Chapter that puts her face to face with Merlin in the best chapter of the entire book. As usual LKH keeps you intrigued in the series by giving you only enough answers to keep you wanting more. I am going to hit the ground running reading the next installment "The Harlequin"