Book Review of Borrowed Light (Borrowed Light, Bk 1)

Borrowed Light (Borrowed Light, Bk 1)
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I have only read a couple of Carla Kelly's books before Borrowed Light. I like her writing. I like her characters. I like the situations she puts the characters in. I really love the dialog between the Hero and Heroine. I loved the city vs. homesteading challenges the Heroine faced.
I don't have the same reaction to the LDS slant of this book. I don't find it any more heavy on the religious content than the other Christian romances I have read. I am a little surprised that other readers feel that it is any more pushy than the Amish or other sects Bible quoting that we read. I have been enjoying all the Christian or religious romances I read.
I think that the main theme that gives the book its title was quite beautiful: don't base your beliefs or faith in your God on anyone else's. You must find your own 'light'. All of us need to find faith for ourselves. Our husband or wife or brother or sister or mother or father cannot be the source of that faith. It must come from a sure place within each of us.
I do understand that some folks will not want to read anymore of the LDS books that Kelly writes, but I am a Catholic girl that welcomes them. She is a great writer.