Book Review of Midnight Cravings: Racing the Moon / Mate of the Wolf / Captured / Dreamcatcher / Mahina's Storm / Broken Souls

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Helpful Score: 3

A collection of six short stories of the paranormal romance variety. These stories average about 50 pages each, so they're just long enough to serve as a sort of amuse-bouche. All of the stories are well-written; despite the fact that some of the stories are based on pre-existing settings, all of them feel very self-contained. I never felt like I was missing some of the back story by not having read the author's other works.

The stories range from the lightly humorous to the darkly rich, so there's a little something for most tastes. For my own personal preference, I enjoyed the little bit of lightheartedness that Michele Hauf and Karen Whiddon managed to weave into their stories, "Racing the Moon" and "Mate of the Wolf." The more action-oriented stories of Bonnie Vanak ("Broken Souls") and Lori Devoti ("Captured") were quite good, keeping a good plot while remaining romantic. The plot of Vivi Anna's story, "Mahina's Storm," seemed to be mostly an excuse for the characters to get hot 'n heavy - this is not a complaint, as she writes very well. I think my least favorite was Anna Leonard's "Dreamcatcher." The ending, to me, didn't flow as well as in the other stories.

Still and all, this is a recommended collection of stories for any fans paranormal romances.