Book Review of Possible Side Effects

Possible Side Effects
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If you're unfamiliar with Burroughs, he is the younger brother of John Elder Robison (of "Don't Look Me In the Eye" fame) and son of poet Margaret Robison. This book chronicles different points in his life, presented in short essay form, regarding all sorts of information from his addiction to Nicorette gum (better than smoking cigarettes?) to his partner Dennis and their two dogs, to memories of strange incidents from childhood. Other members of the family are introduced (John Elder, their grandmothers in Georgia, their parents) and no one can especially escape the odd vibe permeating from this particular family.I enjoy reading these essays because I can relate to them. As another person with Asperger's Syndrome, my outlook on life is perceived as skewed by most neurotypical people. And that only serves to make me laugh in recognition and support when Burroughs talks about how he moves through the NT landscape, too.