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Book Review of Double Sin and Other Stories

Double Sin and Other Stories
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Double Sin and Other Stories is a diverse collection of short stories by the late-great Agatha Christie. Please note: Watch for seven shorter stories and one longer story. Belgian Hercule Poirot or spinster Miss Marple grace some of these cases; otherwise, they are stand-alone mysteries.

DOUBLE SIN: Poirot really resents being used as the 'dumb witness' and so he adroitly solves the case of the stolen miniature antiques from a travel case.

WASP'S NEST: Again, Poirot saves the day. This one is different because Poirot stops a murder. I thought Poirot was privy to too many coincidences to be realistic.

THE THEFT OF THE ROYAL RUBY: Poirot was convinced to enjoy a traditional English Christmas while searching for a royal ruby. Earlier, a foolish young man lent to a lovely young lady and she absconded with it. Poirot is sent to get the jewel back without an international incident. This story is the longest and I've read before in another collection.

THE DRESSMAKER'S DOLL: 'Bizarre' is the kindest word I can think to call this story. I thought this one was a waste of time. A doll moves around through the dress shop, hoping someone will love her.

GREENSHAW FOLLY: An elderly woman is murdered with an arrow. The dead woman promised to will all her things to the housekeeper on her death, instead of paying her wages.

THE DOUBLE CLUE: Poirot is called in to solve the case of missing jewels. A wealthy man held a private party for his most intimate friends and showed his fabulous collection. Discretion is of the utmost importance because of the number of international luminaries in attendance.

THE LAST SEANCE: This is another bizarre story about a woman medium who helps a mother reunite with her dead daughter. I don't read generally 'horror' but would categorize this story as horror.

SANCTUARY: This is probably one of the most interesting and unique stories Agatha Christie ever wrote. A dying man stumbles to a church and says, 'Sanctuary.' It takes Miss Jane Marple to solve the case. This one is a real page-turner.

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