Book Review of Blood and Groom (Sasha Jackson, Bk 1)

Blood and Groom (Sasha Jackson, Bk 1)
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Thirty-something former rocker-chick Sasha is now a PI in Toronto. (And she works at a phone sex call centre for extra cash.) She is hired to solve a murder plus finds (and solves) another crime in the process. Nice description of Toronto neighborhoods & bars/restaurants. Tightly written with no fluff. Well edited with no grammar/ spelling/ punctuation errors (except maybe one typo).

Interesting characters from a variety of backgrounds to provide Sasha with avenues to useful information. Sasha lives at home with brother and often-absent Dad. Dad travels via camper van, spending "the winters honing his card-shark skills as he travelled through whatever U.S. states had casinos." Chef brother co-owns a restaurant and dates Sasha's best friend. Sasha does background checks for her best client, a blueblood financial adviser.

The plot moves quickly. I thought of it as a short book, even though it has 254 pages of small type.
I would like to see the nerdy irritating former client become Sasha's co-PI.

Turns out... the 2nd book (_Dead Light District_) has just been released (Dec 2010) and a third is coming.