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Book Review of Brothel : Mustang Ranch and Its Women

Brothel : Mustang Ranch and Its Women
MarciNYC avatar reviewed on
Helpful Score: 8

If you're looking for titallation or erotica - move along. You're not going to get it in this book. Yes, there are a few explicit sex scenes, but they're told in such a clinical matter that they're anything but arousing.

Albert, a Harvard medical student, was granted access to the women of the Nevada's (legal) brothels to conduct research on condom use and ended up living on site at the infamous Mustang Ranch. Albert began her research on condom use but her time at Mustang lead to this book and an anthropological/sociological assessment of these women's lives. During her stay at Mustang, the women slowly begin to open up to Albert and in this book she paints a portrait that dispells many of the stereotypes society has of prostitutes.

All in all, I found this an interesting read and came to regard the women of Mustang as just another group of those trying to make a living as best they could. Whatever side of the fence you are on in regards to the legalisation of prostitution, this book will challenge any preconcieved notions about the woman who choose this life.

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