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Book Review of Grace Notes

Grace Notes
Grace Notes
Author: Charlotte Vale Allen
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Early in her marriage Grace Loring became the victim of her husband's sudden, unpredictable rages. Taking her infant daughter and a few belongings, Grace fled to the safetly of her brother Gus's home in Vermont. Now, Years later, Grace is a successful author.
Accustomed to abused women writing to ask for advice, Grace is sympathetic when she is contacted by a troubled young woman names Stephanie Baine. In the course of their e-mail correspondence, Stephanie reveals details of a nightmarish life-her terrifying abduction as a teenager, the psychological and physical abuse at the hands of her husband. Grace's advice is clear: Stephanie must do whatever is necessary to escape this madman.
After several weeks of an intensive exchange, the e-mails abruptly stop, and Grace begins to fear the worst for Stephanie. Then the e-mails resume, and what Grace learns casts doubt on everything she believed. Who is Stephanie Baine? Has anything she's told Grace been the truth? Is she really a young woman in danger, or is something else-something sinister, even deadly-going on?