Book Review of Eternal Prey (Gods of the Night, Bk 3)

Eternal Prey (Gods of the Night, Bk 3)
Eternal Prey (Gods of the Night, Bk 3)
Author: Nina Bangs
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This was my introduction into the Gods of the Night series so there were a few confusing aspects to the storyline that, had I read the previous two books, I probably would have understood better or at least quicker. However, I found the book pretty easy to follow and I didn't miss the other two books because their main characters were so negligible in this book. I honestly had no interest in reading about them and doing so felt like a waste of time and like I would be going backwards if you know what I mean.

I had a curious reaction to this book. I felt both underwhelmed and intrigued. I felt underwhelmed because most of the characters came across one-dimensional to me. A little tightening of the writing could have made me care more for the Eleven instead of just Utah. I felt like the writing was particularly shallow in regards to characters like Seven and Seir. I get the idea that they are not evil and that there is the possibility for an intriguing connection between Fin and the "bad guys" but pivotal moments of interaction between these characters that could have expanded on this idea and really paid off in the books to follow, felt somewhat wasted and flippant. It felt like the author told a bit too much instead of hinted and unveiled through the actions of the characters. Utah and Lia are so obviously going to not be that important to the next books, just like the previous main pairings were not so important in Eternal Prey, that it pains me when more could have been done about characters like Fin, Seir, Zero, and Seven who are also obviously pivotal to the entire arc of the series. Their brief moments could have packed more of a punch.

I was impressed with the originality of men who were dinosaurs but also something even more ancient. *That* idea intrigues me very much. I like the cosmic quality of the premise. I hope that the idea is expanded into something worthwhile. The paranormal romance market is already saturated with so much of everything else going on in the plot of this series (ie vampires warring with other paranormal creatures like the fey and werewolves, a brotherhood-type of group led by a mysterious and more powerful deus ex machina, etc) that it needs for this more original concept to really pay off big in the end. If the books to follow actually expand on this idea in a satisfying way, then I'll be the first to continue reading the series. Otherwise it will become just another book that happened to help pass the time one day.