Book Review of Naked in Death (In Death, Bk 1)

Naked in Death (In Death, Bk 1)
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After 20+ books over 10+ years, I decided it was high time to go back to where it all began -- NAKED IN DEATH.

Here, author J.D. Robb (aka best-selling author Nora Roberts) introduces us to NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas, a force in her own right, and one of the trickiest cases yet. The granddaughter of a Senator has been brutally murdered, and the perpetrator promises that five more bodies are to follow. As Eve races against the clock to save more women from dying, she also must contend with her own feelings for Roarke, a self-made billionaire who early on is a suspect in the murders.

If you haven't read any of the "...IN DEATH" books, I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense. The mystery and the romance are evenly balanced, Eve and Roarke are definitely intriguing characters, and the story just never gets old.

Going back to this first story in the series after having been a fan so long, I was grateful to be reminded of the meaning behind the gray button, how Galahad came into the picture, and how Somerset's attitude has been the same from the beginning.

NAKED IN DEATH is a winner, and you'll be happy to know that when you finish reading it, there are 24 more stories already published in the series. Happy Reading!!